Manchester Punk Festival Announce Second Group of Bands for 2019

mpf 19

Manchester Punk Festival really have a great way of hyping their band announcements. For the past few days, there’s been announcement announcements and some sweet speculation. Now that the next group of bands have been released, we can pour over it and see exactly what we’re into. Let’s jump in!


First up, Punk legends Subhumans will be bringing their particular brand of raucous tuneage to bear on all present. I can’t imagine which stage that the festival used last year would house them best, I suppose that’s why I’m not making the decisions.

Psychobilly group The Creepshow will also be making an appearance in 2019. This will be a rare performance from the Canadians, so polish those brothel-creepers and practice your finest swing moves, seeing them is going to be something you won’t want to miss.

North West group Fair Do’s will be returning to the festival. I really enjoyed what I can remember of their set last year (a reminder of the perils of burning too brightly too early) and their new release Leopards is fantastic.

Speaking of returning bands, Leeds three-piece Nosebleed will be smashing out their tunes in the finest tailoring that you’re likely to see. Their set is a blinder and their latest release “Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor” is a slab of Hives-y brilliance.

Manchester Hardcore group Salvo will making their debut at the festival next year. I’ve seen them play several times this year and I relish the thought of them getting people going.


You can get your tickets to Manchester Punk Festival at the link below. The Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets sold out long ago.


Who are you excited to see at MPF 19? Who else should the organisers be looking to book for it? Tell us!


Keep tabs on Atom Smash Music for more updates

MPF 19 Second Announcement



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