Manchester Punk Festival Announce First Bands for 2019

mpf 19

At 10am this morning (in a rather unassuming email), Manchester Punk Festival opened their ticket sales and announced the first set of bands booked to play and it’s a very interesting and varied bunch!


First one that caught my eye was Crust legends DOOM. I’m not aware of them playing locally to Manchester for some time so that set will definitely be a hot one. I hope for all their fans’ sake that DOOM will be playing Rebellion. It’s the only place I know in Manchester that sells Buckfast behind the bar. They’ll love that.

Another more mature band to some of the others announced was Consumed. They are a Skate Punk Institution (and for my money, had the catchiest song on the best soundtrack on the best Tony Hawk Pro Skater game), and put on a brilliant show.

Local bad lads Incisions were ferocious during their set at MPF 18, and given their recent addition to TNS Records, it’s good to see them going from strength to strength.

UK Ska Punkers King Prawn will bring some much needed skanky goodness to the festival, testing out the knee cartilage of all involved and it’ll be glorious.

A more left-field inclusion is Follow Your Dreams, who we’ve not had the pleasure of seeing live yet but look forward to seeing them smash the place to bits.

You can get your tickets to Manchester Punk Festival at the link below. The Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets all sold out this morning within 50 minutes.

Who are you excited to see at MPF 19? Who else should the organisers be looking to book for it? Tell us!

Keep tabs on Atom Smasher Music for more updates

MPF 19 First Announcement


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