ArcTanGent Spotlight: Bossk Interview

“If it takes two years, it’s good. If it takes four years, that’s fine.”


As Thursday evening drew to a close at ArcTanGent Festival, we sat and chilled with BOSSK guitarist Alex Hamilton, and had a breezy chat following their electrifying performance on the PX3 stage earlier in the day. We couldn’t miss out on interviewing Bossk… It’s not like we named the website after one of their songs or anything!


Bossk’s debut full length ‘Audio Noir’ was released two years ago. Have you thought about the follow up yet?

Yeah, it’s percolating. We don’t like to rush things. We all have busy schedules and live far away from each other. We have some synth for the next one. There will be some swishy space noises! It’s harder with everyone living away from each other. We have to book weekends away to write as a group rather than have a band practice. ‘Audio Noir’ was a test run when we got back together. We had never written a full album before, just EPs. There’s a lot more satisfaction with this one because we all have better equipment, better amps and guitars, a bigger budget. It’s taking a bit of time, but it will be worth it.

Do you have a timeline as to when we can expect it to be released?

If it takes two years, it’s good. If it takes four years, that’s fine. How many bands do you know who have dropped off the scene and come back? We only want to make something good, as long as it’s something of quality.

Is there anything else we can expect from the next album, apart from there being more synth parts?

We might change things with the vocals. We might have Rob [Vaughan] do some clean singing. The older I get, I’m not saying I want to listen to less screaming, but it’s got to suit the song. We don’t want to just do nine minutes of just bashing heavy any more. We’re not doing ‘Dopesmoker’ y’know!?

How do you work on arranging your songs?

Everyone sends each other files and we try swapping riffs around until we get something. Then Nick [Corney, drums] goes “No! No! No!” And changes it! Then we have a six or eight bar passage which we all like, and we keep adding stuff until we’re all happy.

Is it harder working this way, or does it make it more special to work together more sporadically?

We don’t have a choice since we live in different cities, have jobs, girlfriends etc. We have to do more work arranging songs, but I think ‘Audio Noir’ showed how we could work together better. Since we can’t practice together seven days each week, we just book weekends and get to it. The older you get, you have less time for hanging out. I don’t know how we managed to sit on the couch in my twenties and smoke, and eat, and play guitar for four hours a day! You can’t do that after a day’s graft. It’s very productive when you book a weekend for two days or writing.

Have you thought about anything conceptually for the next album?

KISS make-up and a cover of ‘Love Gun’! [Laughs] That’d be wicked… Nah, not sure yet!

Do you have any other favourite acts with a name that relates to Star Wars?

Jedi Mind Tricks is the only one innit!? What’s the limit on getting a cease-and-desist? You’re allowed to use character names, but not inventions. So you can be “Bossk” but not “Droid”. We really hoped we would get a cease-and-desist letter from George Lucas, but it never happened. Let’s hope Disney don’t sue us though!

Do you have any festival survival tips?

Bring twice as much pot as you think you will need, and don’t get it at the festival because nobody will have any! Don’t camp either. Who wants to sleep in a fucking field and wake up feeling like absolute shite, and there is breath condensation on the roof of your tent dripping on you!?

What is your favourite thing about ArcTanGent?

It’s great! They keep on having us back and it’s sunny this year! Last year was like the fucking Somme! We spent a lot of it smoking and napping in my van periodically.


Interview conducted by Ross Baker and Chris “Frenchie” French.
Photo Credit: Thomas Brooker

‘Audio Noir’ is out now on Deathwish Inc.
‘Love Gun’ is out anywhere in the next 2-4 years. 😉

Early bird tickets for ArcTanGent 2019 are on sale now!



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