Palm, Friendship, Kurokuma UK tour

In what may be one of the most destructively heavy tours to ever hit the British Isles, the legendary hardcore/metal band, Palm from Osaka and Chiba’s grindcore monsters, Friendship head over from Japan to wreak utter havoc and devastation next month. It’s part of a European tour and on their UK dates they’ll be supported by Sheffield sludge trio, Kurokuma.

The tour is in support of Palm‘s TO LIVE IS TO DIE, TO DIE IS TO LIVE, which will be released on the 29th of this month. Friendship gained quite the cult following recently with 2017’s HATRED released on Daymare and Southern Lord.

Kurokuma have also just released their Dope Rider EP and the Sheffield date of the tour will be their official release party.

Full dates below in collaboration with Doomstar Bookings:


September 14th – Bloodshed Fest, Eindhoven, NL

15th – Venue TBA, London, UK

16th – Rebellion, Manchester, UK

17th – The Harley, Sheffield, UK (Kurokuma EP release party)

18th – Gorilla Studios, Hull, UK

19th – Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh, UK

20th – Stuck On A Name, Nottingham, UK

21st – Temple of Boom, Leeds, UK

22nd – TBA

23rd – La Scene Michelet, Nantes, FR

25th – TBA

26th – TBA

27th – ZXRX, Leipzig, DE

28th – TBA, Berlin, DE

29th – TBA, Cologne, DE

30th – Het Bos, Antwerp, BE


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