ArcTanGent Spotlight: Curse These Metal Hands! Interview



To kick off our on site coverage of ArcTanGent Festival 2018, we met up with CURSE THESE METAL HANDS! A new collaborative band combining Holy Roar favourites Pijn and Conjurer together as one. Keep an eye out for our review of the festival to see how their first live performance went down!



Is this the first time you are performing as Curse These Metal Hands!?

Brady [Deeprose, guitar and vocals, Conjurer]: Yes! It’s been brewing for a few months. A lot of it has been written in the last two months and is all the more phresh for it [Brady insisted on that spelling]!

Are there any more plans to perform together again?

Luke [Rees, bass, Pijn]: Alex [Fitzpatrick, Holy Roar] wants us to.

Brady: We’ve been talking about potentially doing an album but we don’t know yet.

What made you choose to work together and was it hard to figure out how to combine such different sounds?

Luke: [Jovially] We had such a connection on tour! We bonded! BONDED!

Joe [Clayton, guitar and vocals, Pijn]: We said to Alex that we wanted to do some collaborative stuff. There were many bands that we asked and none of them wanted to do it. And then Conjurer took pity on us!

Nick [Watmough, drums, Pijn]: They were the only ones brave enough to do it!

Brady: We were the only ones who were stupid enough!

Joe: You know how Roadburn Festival does special collaborative sets. It’s like a smaller, shittier, midlands and north of England based version!

Brady: I’d say the worst part of it is all the driving.

Nick: It’s like a long distance relationship!

How did you figure out how to combine such different sounds and setups?

Nick: Rather than trying to find a middle ground between the two bands, we just didn’t sound like either band. So this is a project not for fans of either of our bands!

Luke: Or Pink Floyd!

Is there a concept or narrative in mind, other than Peep Show?

Nick: It’s loosely themed around the sun…

[Sarcastically] The newspaper?

Luke: My child, the paper and the sun… The holy trinity!

Brady: The first track is super positive, about just being happy. I don’t think either band have ever written about that before! We will kind of be making up most of the lyrics on the spot to be honest…

Luke: I don’t have a child! I’d like to clarify!

That you know of…

Is there going to be a studio release in the future?

Joe: There will be at some point yeah.

Brady: We’ve already recorded it!

Since you’ve been playing together, what have you learned from each other as musicians?

Brady: We are very different bands! Pijn are a very natural, organic band. It’s very much about feel and how everything works together in a room. Everyone brings ideas and it all works together in a nice little unit. I assume when we aren’t around, they jam it out and there’s vibes, and lovely beers between friends in a miserable area in the north!

Nick: Whereas Conjurer are constant professionals [Brady laughs] who actually write music, tab it out, think about chord shapes and music theory, which we have a tenuous grasp on.

Luke: And for every wrong note they get whipped!

Nick: We looked at them and thought, nope, we don’t want to do that!

Brady: Our drummer at the first rehearsal just went, “nope!” And never turned up again!

Did you find Curse These Metal Hands! as a way to cut loose a bit and do something more light-hearted and have a bit of fun?

Joe: I mean playing in a band is always fun, but we thought, if we can do something stupid, then we probably should. It was like, can we put a third guitar harmony in? Yes. Should we put a third guitar harmony in?

Brady: YES!

Nick: I think we’ve been a bit more experimental because we’ve been treating each band as a safety net. So if things go badly, we as Pijn can blame Conjurer, and they can blame us, so nobody has to take all the blame. But when things go well…

Brady: …It’s just a holy roar of coming together as people!

I like what you did there… What’s your favourite thing about ArcTanGent?

Luke: This interview!

Nick: So many mates. Just on the way to this interview we got stopped about eight times, and we got fancy pink beer.

Joe: There are so many friendly people that it’s impossible to get anywhere on time.

Brady: For me, I think it’s that they gave us a chance and a platform to perform this utter bullshit!

Nick: They took a real chance on this, they haven’t ask for any update from us or even what it is. They have blindly, foolishly let us do it!

Do you have any good festival survival tips?

Luke: DON’T SHIT YOURSELF! Especially at 2000 Trees before you play a show Brady!

Save it for after!

Brady: Or just don’t do it!

So let’s not shit ourselves!

Luke: Live. Laugh. Lager!

Nick: Can that be the main pull quote for the interview please?


Interview conducted by Chris “Frenchie” French and Ross Baker.
Photo Credit: Ian Percival @trashmonkeypics

Curse These Metal Hands! is out eventually in this lifetime on Holy Roar Records.

Early bird tickets for ArcTanGent 2019 are on sale now!









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