”10 Tracks That Changed My Life” In the eyes of Ms. Lola Black

Lola Black

Hailing from Denver Colorado Lola Black has kicked and clawed her way to the forefront of the Colorado music scene. With a mesmerizing live performance and a relentless work ethic she and her eponymous group have become the “it” band in Colorado taking in 3 Westword Music Awards putting them in alumni status, landing the title of 106.7 KBPI’s Best Band in Denver and becoming the go to act for national festivals and other numerous radio events. Lola Black has performed at Denver’s largest venue’s including The Pepsi Center, Fillmore Auditorium, Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater and The First Bank Center.

Coming out with with a bang the band released their first EP “Dia de Los Borracho’s” in 2012 which spawned the single “Borracho” that grabbed attention of Willie B. at 106.7 KBPI and got added into regular rotation climbing all the way up to #4 on KBPI’s play list.

In 2014 Lola put out “Till Death do us Part” with veteran producer Sid Riggs (Seether, John 5, Juliette and the LIcks) while touring regionally as well as gaining a sponsorship from Jagermeister which would propel them to national stages on the biggest festivals in the country in 2015 including Rocklahoma, FT. Rock, Carolina Rebellion, Kansas City Rockfest, and River City Rockfest.

While continuing to build their fan base and develop a more polished sound Lola Black released their first single produced by legendary producer Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Red Sun Rising) in 2016 entitled “Sorrow and Sin” which ended up getting in rotation on 23 stations nationwide and climbed all the way up to #38 on the Under the Radar Active Rock Charts!!!!!!

Lola Black spent the majority of 2017 writing and recording a new full length with Bob Marlette and Sahaj Ticotin as well as continuing performing live and growing even more of a fan base.

Gearing up for the full length release in 2018 Lola Black is releasing the first single and video for “Nothings Gonna Be Alright” which has already gotten into rotation on 107.9 KBPI! Looking towards a summer release Lola will take to the road to spread the word to the masses.

In no particular order here is Lola Black’s 10 Tracks That Changed My Life….

Deftones – Minus Blindfold 

Slick song for when I am feeling vato AF.  Chino was one of my first metal influences, I took a lot of my screaming influence  from the early Deftones records. One of my all time favs!

K Flay – Giver 
She speaks to me at this point in my life.   I seriously think K Flay is my spirit animal!  I love how she started out by just believing she could do it better than most b.s. rappers in the game.  She proved if you put your mind to anything you can do it! Love her!

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky –
This song is Zef AF.  Ninja and Yolandi do not give a fuck and that is what I love about them!

Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby

This song reminds me of when my husband and I first started dating  After a long night of partying we would listen to this song on repeat.  Then out of the blue we randomly saw them open for 30 seconds to Mars with out knowing they were one the bill.  It was like it was meant to be!

Joan Jett – Crimson and Clover 

I fell ln love the first time I heard Joan Jett’s voice. I also ended up meeting her and she was one of the nicest people ever!  Everything about her is magical. She is the Rock & Roll unicorn to me.

NOFX – Drugs are Good
You can never take the punk out of this girl, that is where my roots are.  Very reminiscent of my early days of going to shows and that is what made me want to be in a band.  Haven’t looked back since!

Ministry – NWO 
Al Jourgensen is a weird dude that hates the government amongst many other things.  He was keen on the whole idea of the leadership of the world being full of shit and our elected leaders as puppets way before most.  For this I tip my hat to you Al!

Bring Me the Horizon – Diamonds Aren’t Forever
Brutal.  I can be an angry person and this song channels that.  It’s funny how much better you can feel after letting loose to a super heavy angst song such as this!

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
I don’t really know what it is about this song. It is fun AF to sing it loud.  If it comes on you will find me singing it loudly no matter where I am at!

Rob Zombie – Dead City Radio and the new gods of Supertown
Rob Zombie is forever the soundtrack to my life.  Shout out to “Lady Fingers”  (inside joke)   I love the whole imagery behind Zombie.  For me everyday is Halloween and my entire house is decked out in spooktacular decor much like any given Rob Zombie video.

Lola Black is releasing her new album “Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright” on Aug 25th. Here is the video for the first single and title track


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