DEICIDE Share New Track ‘Seal the Tomb Below’



Death Metal icons DEICIDE have returned with “Overtures Of Blasphemy”, which sees the band return to their roots to create a stellar and uncompromising extreme metal masterpiece.

The effort was produced by the world-renowned Jason Suecof at Audio Hammer Studios and will be released world wide via Century Media on 14 September. Check out their crushing new track ‘Seal the Tomb Below’

After 30 years, it’s plausible to think DEICIDE would want to slow down and soften the message. None of that is happening on new album “Overtures of Blasphemy”. In fact, DEICIDE, with head demon Glen Benton and co-conspirator Steve Asheim at the helm, are only becoming darker, heavier, and more extreme. “I originally thought that, the older I got, the more mellow I’d get,” says Benton. “That’s not the case. I would say I’m darker now than I ever was. What I’ve been through over the years has definitely darkened my heart and soul.”

Lyrically, “Overtures of Blasphemy” continues DEICIDE’s crusade against, not just Christianity, but all religions. Benton says, “the lyrics also dig deep into my own personal darkness. It’s what I am. Death metal is what I do.”

Digital album pre-orders are available here:



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