10 Tracks That Changed My Life By The Buzzhowl Records Team


Buzzhowl Records are a new label on a mission to bring you great music, and to shout about bands that are making it. We sat down with the Buzzhowl team to ask about the ten tracks that changed their lives and here they are.

The Jesus Lizard ‘Boilermaker’

Possibly one of the best opening tracks on an album. The intensity. The Aggression. The Fucking Jesus Lizard. Do we actually need to say anymore?

Velvet Underground ‘Heard Her Call My Name’

The whole ‘White Light/White Heat’ album is so good, but this song makes the cut down to Lou Reed’s inspired, feedback-infused guitar work. It feels like a lot of the bands we like right now have their DNA here

Sun Kil Moon ‘Salvador Sanchez’

The first time I heard the fat, full, reverberating guitar wafting out my mate’s speakers I was hooked. I love the feel and how the instruments just carry all the way through like some slow epic march.

Jesus and Mary Chain ‘You Trip Me Up’

‘Psychocandy’ is another great album and this track with its incessant noise and reverb-soaked muddy as fuck mix is just ace.

Nick Drake ‘Which Will’

We love raw, honest music and you can’t get much more raw and honest than those songs off ‘Pink Moon’. His songs are a real insight into how he was feeling. It reminds you that even though music can be enjoyed by anybody who listens to it, ultimately playing music is something that’s a release for you and it’s not about trying to impress or please anyone else.

The Smiths ‘Still Ill’

When independent meant independent.

Shipping News ‘Books On Trains’

I can’t remember how I discovered this band but they were another amazing band who I loved the sound of straight away. I think this was my introduction to all the music I would later discover and love, that came out via Touch and Go Records, like Slint, The Jesus Lizard, Shellac etc.

P.I.L. ‘Public Image Ltd’

John Lydon does it the way he wants to. He was freed of the constraints of his former band and the first four P.I.L. albums document a band who are not compromising one iota! The packaging of the ‘Metal Box’ album was genius.

Tycho ‘Hours’

I’d always been a fan of post-rock, ambient, electronic music but I got much more into it while I was at university, this was probably my favourite album at that time. A lot of the music I was listening to before was predominantly raw and loud bands made up of guitar, bass and drums… and this was like a breath of fresh air. The feel, the energy, the tones and the melodies really resonated with me, making it still one of my favourites

My Bloody Valentine ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’

Just another glorious sounding track from an EP that at the time seemed to come out of the blue and shake everybody up.


Buzzhowl have their first release ‘Buzzhowl Volume One’ available for pre-order over at their Bandcamp. Check it out here: https://buzzhowlrecords.bandcamp.com/album/buzzhowl-volume-1



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