Meet The 96 Year Old Grandma That Fronts A Metal Band



Meet 96 year old Inge Ginsberg, probably the coolest grandma around.

The night before World War II began, Inge escaped the Holocaust to a refugee camp in Switzerland and once the war ended, she and her husband (Otto Kollmann) moved to Hollywood and made a career writing songs for iconic artists such as Doris Day and Dean Martin.

After leaving Hollywood, she began writing poetry. At the age of 93 she was introduced to metal and has been using heavy music as a new way to be heard; as she says, “In American, and even European culture, old people are excluded from life….Nobody really cares what you have to say.”  At the age of 96, she’s learned a new way to get people to care and take notice: she performs with musicians Lucia Caruso and Pedro da Silva, who are also known as the TritoneKings.

The New York Times have recently run a short-form documentary on Inge that briefly details her life. “My concept of Heaven and Hell is that in the moment of death you realize your life was full and good – that’s Heaven,” she says in the video. “And if you think, ‘Oh, I should have done this or that,’ I think that’s Hell.”

In 2015 the group entered the Eurovision Song Contest with their track, ”Laugh At Death”, which you can check out below.




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