GroundCulture Release Video For ‘Deviate’


Hotly-tipped Newcastle quintet GroundCulture have today released the music video for ‘Deviate’, from their self-titled EP released on June 1st.

Speaking of the track, singer Roy-Daniel Watson says, “‘Metaphorically, Deviate speaks to me and illuminates the repetition of negative and inhibiting actions or thoughts. All around the world, the same essence permeates through people’s entire journey. We need to become aware of these segments of our paradigm and learn that (with awareness, intention and accepting that were all in a pool of pure potential, equipped with far more power than we ever can perceive) we’re more than capable of flipping the script and redefining ourselves.

There’s a duality in story.. Have I made the change and redirected my life? Or am I reflecting on life before I throw in the towel and remove myself from that headspace in the only way that I that I feel I can?

I want to tell people it’s okay to go to that place. It weighs you down, but if you realise your true value, being that low in the first place can be a catalyst to explode into pure, vibrant strength.”


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