10 Tracks That Changed My Life By John Carberry , NOMAD


Michael Jackson “Thriller” 

That video! It’s still is awesome to this day! 

I just remember seeing and being scared, yet mesmerised by the tune and MJ’s moves. 
If it weren’t for him I would probably never love music. Who knows… 

Guns N Roses “You Could Be Mine” 

Basically, if it wasn’t for this track I wouldn’t have got into Hard Rock/Metal. 

I still love this tune, and GnR to this day. From what I can tell Axl has been on good form lately which is awesome to hear.  

Sepultura “Refuse/Resist” 

I was into GNR, Ugly Kid Joe, Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana and AC/DC by this point, but this was the gateway more Extreme music/Metal for me. Seeing them on The Word perform this tune blew me away, and I suppose at this point the fact Metal wasn’t “just a phase” was solidified.  

Rage Against the Machine “Killing in the Name Of” 

Another band I found through The Word. Just pure channelled aggression which made me want to think politically, and about the way people are treated in the world. 
I always will love this band.

Cypress Hill “Cock the Hammer” 

I remember being a kid, and on the way to a family Holiday in Fishguard, and on tape I saw the Last Action Hero soundtrack in a Little Chef. 

I had to buy it with some of the money I had for the holiday, because of the AC/DC track on there (I noticed some of the other bands on there too), and this blew me away too. 

I eventually went into school after the Summer Holidays and got all my mates to listen to this weed smoking Hip-Hop group!
The ominous opening, the chilled beats made me want to hear more awesome Hip-Hop, and I would eventually become a Cannabis advocate. I’m gutted to be probably missing them this year.  

Ozzy Osbourne “No More Tears” 

It’s a tune and a half. I already heard a couple of Black Sabbath tunes before this, and made go on to listen to more Sabbath for sure, and the rest is history.  

Sick Of It All “Step Down” 

I heard Biohazard before and maybe some other Hardcore bands, but not like this. 

For some reason there was something distinctive about this band, and the song. It had swagger and some groove to it. 
I have a SOIA tattoo I love them that much, and love Hardcore (just not all the unjustified kicking people in the face).  

Down “Stone the Crow” 

Seeing that video was a game changer. I loved Pantera by the time this video came out, and knew Phil Anselmo had another band at this point, but wasn’t too sure who they were. 

I saw this video on Headbangers Ball, and I wasn’t aware of Stoner/Doom/Sludge being a genre. I just loved the melody and Bluesyness about it. I remembered watching the video, looking at the vocalist (by this time I had only seen  Anselmo with a skinhead), and thinking he looked familiar, the losing my shit when I realised who it was. With Orange Goblin, Monster Magnet Sabbath, and these my journey into drug soaked riffs truly began.  

Yob “Prepare the Ground” 

I just remember hearing this song and realising music can be heavy, and have longevity while not be boring twaddle.  

I ended up listening to this and going to see them not too long after, then just falling in love with the band.  
I’ve been obsessed with them since.   

Deftones “Change (In the House of Flies)” 

I loved Deftones for some time before this, but this was a tune which was an eye opener. 

They are (at least for me) one of those bands you can’t pigeon hole – they’re not Metal or Nu Metal, they’re not Alternative Metal – they’re a band who encompass many sounds and wear their influences on their sleeve without it sounding like they are just plagiarising the bands who influence them, and how they used beauty seem dark.  
“Change” has a lot of melody to it, and yet is heavy and dark, and loose as fuck. The way it goes from something uplifting to ominous and yet remains beautiful evokes emotions which resonate with me. 
I also love the visually crazybroodingstunning, yet simple video to it too. 


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