10 Tracks That Changed My Life From Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters


1. George Michael – Faith 

This was the first record I ever bought and the mere intensity of the hard-on thrusting strumming acoustic guitar was enough to make me want to join a denim and leather cult. After that I was hooked on the music with its homo erotic fashion. I knew I wanted to be just like George Michael and make sweet, sweet music with my life.

2. Entombed – Out of Hand

From the very start of this masterpiece with the classic 4 to the floor drum beat, this taught me that serious death metal could be fun and didn’t have to be a scary tough guy image.The classic Swedish guitar tone of Entombed with its vocal styles influenced me so much that I have accidentally adapted it to Chubby through my own style.

3. Dr Alban – It’s my life

I first heard this on a Tampax tampon advert, too young to know that it was advertising a rudimentary fanny nappy for soaking up period blood,  the Afro-Euro beats were infectious. It made me realise that ‘fannying’ about in roller skates and wearing tight florescent shorts was the way forward.

4. Nailbomb – Cockroaches

This was the iconic side project of Max Cavelera (Sepultura) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) and is often forgotten about, but this was a huge influence on my playing style and ethos. Cockroaches was one of the first songs I learnt about playing in a low tuning and using heavier string gauges. It sometimes isn’t always about some fancy shredding technique, but just bashing the fuck out of your axe!

5. Charles and Eddie – Would I Lie To You

This amazing duo sprang out of nowhere much lick a disease-ridden tick jumping from a badly mowed lawn. With its amazing vocal harmonies and the toe tapping groove, this opened my mind to a new way of thinking, that shite music could be good but also real shite… turbo shite.

6. Misfits- We Are 138

I started my first actual band when I was 14 and all we would do is play Misfits covers and smoke bowls. We Are 138 taught me how to play guitar without actually having to learn any form of musicianship. There is a lot of shit thrown at Danzig today but him and The Misfits gave me my first taste of being in a band and just having fun playing.

7. Vengaboys- We’re Going to Ibiza

The Vengaboys definitely were ahead of their time when it came to the sounds of Dutch Euro beat. I first heard this masterpiece when I really was going to Ibiza to work for 8 months on a zero hour contract at a used condom dispensary. The complex poly rhythms had me hooked much like their own unique on-stage persona, which we have adopted to Chubby.

8. Fu Manchu – Godzilla

They are very few covers that are actually better than the original, this is one of them. I first heard this when I was 15 and was completely shocked that it was a cover. Fu Manchu taught me all I know about fuzz and using the neck pickup on guitars. This song opened me up into the world of fuzz and made me realise that a warm fuzzy de-tuned tone, could just be as heavy if heavier than my usual death/black metal style.

9. Scatman John – Scatman

A classic among all fecalpheliacs even though it is an innocent song about improvised jazz freestyle singing and not the carnal lust for another human’s stool. With a simple 4 to the 4 house beat and meaningless dribble sang over the top, this taught me how to properly deconstruct structures much like a fecalpheliac would over a broken stool they romanticised over.

10. Speedy J – Krekc

It isn’t always about metal bands and instrumentation. This got me into the world of electronic music, soundscapes and hardware. One of the most depressing things is when you just listen to one genre or sub genres of music. Speedy J opened my eyes to a completely alien world that changed how I view all forms of music today.

Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters release their debut album ‘Come & Chutney’ via Riff Rock Records on July 13th. This is how you can get your hands on it…

CD/Vinyl: https://chubbythunderousbadkushmasters.bandcamp.com/album/come-chutney

Apple Music pre-save link: http://smarturl.it/CTBKMComeChutneyAppl
Spotify pre-save link: http://smarturl.it/CTBKMComeChutneySpot


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