German deathcore quintet WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY are excited to announce their signing with LONG BRANCH RECORDS.

Broadway is well known as the heart of the American theatre industry, the synonym for superior and critical entertainment. Similarly WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY pursue the idea of fiercely unbiased art.

Brought to life in late 2009, the quintet focus on a vicious deathcore sound and disenchanted lyrics. Following the release of their debut album Aeshma, the quintet played at With Full Force, Summer Blast, Wacken festivals, and many more. They have also toured with Suicide Silence, Caliban, Eskimo Callboy and Whitechapel.

After a short break from live gigs the band released their sophomore album Slaves in 2016. Their subsequent signing to Long Branch Records heralds a new album, coming later in 2018.

As the label comment:

“We’ve been following Walking Dead On Broadway for years and always wanted to work with this unstoppable force of a band! We are very happy that it finally happened and we have an outstanding album up our sleeves.”


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