10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Boss Keloid Front Man Alex Hurst

Boss Keloid’s have recently released their third full length album, ‘Melted On the Inch’, their first for Holy Roar Records and we got the chance to ask front man Alex which 10 tracks changed his life, and here’s what he has chosen in no particular order.

This track just blew me away the first time I heard it, I was 12 and it was like nothing I’d heard before. The beat at the beginning still makes me giddy now. The vocals were inspiring in a way I can’t describe. Mike Patton is a true legend of the microphone.


First time I heard this it sounded so cool and fresh with the rock/reggae skank vibe. It made me want to pick up a guitar and try some reggae chops which later ended up in a lot of my old band’s music THE HICKS

This song just hit me right in the feels , the chorus is so uplifting and powerful even though it’s played on acoustic with Neil’s strange voice. The whole Harvest album is great but this track really connected with me and made me want to buy an acoustic guitar and write music which I ended up doing

I remember hearing this for the first time and thinking what the f**k is this !!!!! I didn’t quite get what was going on at first but it just embedded itself in me and I’ve never looked back. Primus are one of my favourite bands and they have stayed with me from a young age and continue to do so. This track just made me crave more strange and wonderful music and I became obsessed with Primus. 

I remember hearing this as a young kid and thinking this was the coolest thing I’d ever heard or seen when I saw the video. I had the cd on order from Alan’s Records in Wigan months before it was out and I completely pissed off Alan ringing him every day when I got home from school to see if it was in stock. 

This song completely blew me away!! Every time I hear it it still has the same effect. A perfect song. Written perfectly and structured perfectly. This song inspired the way I look at crafting songs whenever I’m writing. A truly beautiful song

BABY BIRD “Dead Bird Sings”
Most people think “Your Gorgeous” when Baby Bird is mentioned but Stephen Jones AKA Baby Bird is a truly amazing song writer! Dead Bird Sings was a song that really connected with me, it’s a sad sounding song with very strange clever lyrics. Really inspiring the way it’s written and helped me look at the way I wrote lyrics and crafted words together.

This song is a new song by a band I completely love. It’s an epic journey of a listen from Start to Finish and blew me away the first time I heard it. What a track. The whole album is amazing but this track in particular is just pure GOLD ! Get on it now !

Any one who knows me knows I’m a massive Bob fan and have been as long as I can remember but this song just sums up the whole reason why I love Bob. His voice/the music/the production. I truly inspiring track with a good message. One of Bobs best tracks in my opinion.

Being a massive OM fan I couldn’t wait to hear something from their new album when it was due out and then they dropped this track and it completely floored me. I wasn’t expecting something so epic and trippy as this track is. I was so happy when I heard it that I couldn’t stop playing it and i couldn’t wait for the album to come out. This kind of feeling is the best for any music freak like my self and the album didn’t disappoint either.

For more information on all things Boss Keloid please check out the bands Official Facebook page HERE



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