Halo Tora release ‘Man of Stone’ for Mental Health Week


Halo Tora today release their single and video ‘Man of Stone’ for Mental Health Week. The single is released less than two weeks after the band have completed their UK and Europe tour promoting their recently released their 6-track album, ‘Man of Stone: First Chapter’.

The single marks the end of a quick run of releases including lead single “Always The Last To Know” and “Earth Exit Bloom” and release of the album on 6th April 2018.The title track ‘Man of Stone’ is being promoted in conjunction with the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

‘Man of Stone’ addresses the issue of mental health, a subject close to the band from first-hand experience. Chris Alexander of Halo Tora says, “Man Of Stone has become an integral piece of the puzzle when pulling together the concepts of the album. We felt that we needed a track that could really tell the story and compliment the other tracks. We have been friends with Dave for a while and this presented a fantastic opportunity to collaborate on the track and our combined experiences have led us to create something we are incredibly proud of.”

The track features Dave Hook, a Glaswegian rapper known as Solareye who raps about the complexity of mental health specifically anxiety.


Dave Hook says, “I got involved with the track because Mark and I have known each other forever pretty much and we have been involved in bands for a long time. And it was extra nice because they were recording album at a place that used to be Petersburn Drop-in Centre, a place where we recorded for the first time ever when we were in our teens so there was quite a nice link about that. And then the guys had asked me to write something about anxiety because the whole over-arching topic was based on these ideas and for me it fitted quite nicely because I had experienced it for the first time properly in the last year or two. I wanted to do a good job for them for that; I spent too long on it and I think it got to the point where they didn’t think they were going to get anything at all. I ended up getting an idea – I think men’s mental health is an interesting topic because no one talks about it. Generally speaking men don’t tell people how they’re feeling so the ‘Man of Stone’ was a good concept really in terms of you build a wall around yourself but then you hide all your real stuff inside you and you try not to think about it too much, but eventually those cracks bust open and you’re left trying to face it and when you do have to face it you don’t have the mechanisms to do so because you’ve been ignoring it your whole life. So that’s kind of where the concept came from.”

The album ‘Man of Stone: First Chapter’ was released on 6th April 2018 and is available on all digital platforms and available to order from www.halotora.com


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