10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Matt Anderson, Purgatory


These songs are in no particular order and aren’t necessarily my favourites from each band, but that had a huge impact on who I am as a person and how they shaped the music I play today. 

Merauder – Master Killer

The first time I heard this song I couldn’t comprehend the tone of Sob’s guitar. It was just so dark and heavy, coupled with Jorge’s voice. It was just an onslaught of metal driven hardcore. Nothing I had ever heard. I researched more and saw the video and seeing all the Thai boxing gear and the dudes with nunchucks and just how menacing the band looked as a whole really changed things for me. This band is a primary influence on Purgatory as a whole.

Biohazard – Punishment

Where do I begin, the sound clip from the OG Punisher going into the beginning of the song, gave me chills. It just grips you, and when the song actually kicks in and Evan does his part, it transitions into just the catchiest, hardest riff and goes into where Evan and Billy trade off. It’s just got so much style, the lyrics are hard. I love that shit. This band brought hip hop infused into HC and put their own mark on NYHC. 

Slipknot- Wait and Bleed

I was just a kid when this song came out. Like in middle school. I’m almost 32 years old now and still remember seeing the video first, they’re all dressed up and going nuts and beating the shit out of themselves. The mix on the record makes all the drum parts just sound relentless, it was a different kind of aggression. Being that young and seeing that form of energy and hostility in music made it feel okay to be careless and reckless. 

Cold As Life – Born To Land Hard

I don’t really know where to begin. I remember seeing the record cover and it’s just so hard and so cold and an indicator of life on the other side of the fence. The feedback on the song when it starts is just so fucking hard and unnerving, it’s like an assault charge within itself. An their metallic influence gave them such an edge but with style and Jeff’s vocals just rip through you. It’s like you made a mistake if you looked away and didn’t listen. They’re just barking in your face about real life, the drums are incredible, when Mike the Gook played for them back then he had the best style. There’s so many thoughts listening to this band and this song off of the record of the same name. Hardest band of all time, massive influence on Purgatory. 

Judge – Fed Up

I’ve been edge for a long time and this band is a big reason why. This song especially. It was punk shit but it was hard. The early installation of NYHC. They expressed being pissed off about certain things and I loved it. I was a jock listening to jocks sing about the shit I thought. There’s an undeniable aggression about so much from this band.

Madball – Set It Off

Continuing with NYHC. Madball is the best of the best. The first time i heard this song I just remember how raw Freddy’s voice was and how immediately at the beginning of the song just kicks off in the hardest fashion. It goes into the verse and there’s just so much style. The chorus is so bouncy but so hard, I fell in love with the sound, the image, the message. Madball just has songs and lyrics about reality and their surroundings and I feel like what they write is a reflection on all of that. They’re one of the best bands of all time. This song and record are an indicator why. 

NWA – Fuck The Police

Imagine being a kid and hearing this song. I obviously couldn’t understand the weight of it at an early age, but I remember being drawn in for the sheer onslaught of the whole delivery of that song. As I got older and my distaste for the police grew and awareness of how many profiles racism carries just ignited an even bigger flame. They said what everyone was thinking and opened the door to brutal honesty and also helped to at least bring some social consciousness to things they faced in their everyday lives. It helped me as a person tell things for how i see them in my own life.

Suicidal tendencies – how will I laugh tomorrow.

The opening to that song makes it sound like it’s borderline gonna be a ballad. The lyrics are just captivating honing in on depression and just bad days all around. Mike Muir has a way of singing real life things in a mesmerizing way. These hard ass dudes from Venice. Then the song just fucking rips, out of nowhere. The emotion and the power behind the vocals and the riffs themselves. ST does it like nobody else. They sing real shit while keeping an edge. I absolutely love this band. 

Cannibal Corpse – hammer smashed face

I heard corpsegrinder before barnes. But what the fuck. The guitars are tuned so low and they’re just so thick and pummeling and his goddamn voice is just smashing you in the face. They have that bass lead and it sounds like a suspension bridge falling apart with children on it. Haha, it’s just insane. They’re one of the best death metal bands of all time and they’re a literal force. I love it.

Stigmata – Save Us

First off it starts out with the Let Us Pray and immediately goes into what sounds like a march into war. Like you turn the song on and you can’t turn it off even if you tried. And goes right into the hardest verse but there’s style to it. Bob Riley has such a unique voice and it’s just kicking your ass over it. Into the chorus where they’re singing over the guitar. It’s just so catchy. It’s metal fused HC, Troy Core. They created a sound that is partially responsible for everything this band does. They shred and then write parts that just beat your ass. They’re big ass dudes too so it’s a presence, backed up with attitude. There’s so much to say about these guys and this song/record. Amazing stuff.

Metallica – Hit the lights

I had a tape I got from my dad when I was real little. It was just a single of this song and the instrumental on the other side. I grew up on classic rock, and some heavy metal. But this was a game changer. Opened up the world of thrash for me, I got heavy into Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax really the big four and a bunch of others too. They just did it harder and faster then anything I can remember listening to that a young kid does. James has a very unique voice you basically had a dream team of musicians writing. They wore Samhain shirts and misfits shirts who are also a massive influence to me. They skated, they were just wild. Kill em all up through the black album are all flawless records.

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