Gunshot Blue Reveal Electrifying Video For New Single “Neon Love”


Gunshot Blue is a South African psychedelic blues act born amongst burning incense, black ink, prayer beads, tattooed skin and religious icons back in 2014 at SA Hardcore Social Club in Johannesburg. The band have released the video for their new single Neon Love which made its worldwide premiere on PureGrainAudio yesterday.

Taken from Until The Last Prayer, the bands highly anticipated full length album set for release later this year.

The video was shot an edited by the highly sought-after Dizzy Khaki at Railways Cafe in Irene, Pretoria and The Radium Beer Hall in Orange Grove, Johannesburg. Railways Cafe is not only an authentic live music venue but also a one-of-a-kind wedding venue. Among weather-beaten signs, second hand books, vintage posters, retro furniture and old school paraphernalia, new life, love and light rises. The Radium Beer Hall is the oldest surviving bar and grill in Johannesburg. Opened in 1929 by the Khalil family, the Radium had a double life as a as a tearoom and a shebeen. Selling liquor to black customers who were barred from drinking “white man’s booze” during those days, new life, love and light rose into the night.

“Love is psychedelic. Love is wild. Love is wonder. Love is wander. Love is neon. Love is colour. On a pavement, a bar counter or a staircase. On a dance floor, a backseat or inside a DJ booth. Around a candle, under a mirror ball, through a window. Eyes can lock, fingers can touch, love can rise anywhere. Especially the night.” – Frans Boorman, Vocals.


Neon Love is available now via CD Baby


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