Gruesome release new music/official video

Self proclaimed Death worshippers Gruesome have released the new teaser track Inhumane from their upcoming album Twisted Prayers.


The release of Twisted Prayers will mark the second full length from the band, and will see them stylistically move away from the influence of Death’s Leprosy album that they presented on Savage Land, and see them incorporate more technical influences in the style of Death’s following album Spiritual Healing.

Mainman Matt Harvey, also of Exhumed fame, has never shyed away from admitting that Gruesome is designed to sound almost exactly like Death, and it is a badge he wears proudly.

I myself like this song a lot, and yes I am a Leprosy fanboy so Savage Land will always appeal to me that little bit more, but this is still a very competent and brutal piece of Old School Death Metal.

Twisted Prayers will be out on June 1st through Relapse Records


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