10 Tracks That Changed My Life, Ken Lund Kleis – MØL


My name is Ken, and I’m the drummer of Danish shoegaze/metal band MØL. Like all members of MØL, I have a broad musical taste, that ultimately influence the sound and shape of our recordings. The songs listed below have all influenced me and my playing deeply, and maybe, just maybe, you can hear some of the influences in MØL.. We’ve just released our latest single Bruma from our debut album ‘JORD’ which you can check out here – (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHlZA5OYj2Ior stream the entire album here (https://open.spotify.com/album/1SRL7s4njVHBEytSmM3MsN?si=bYIuzt4aS-KIqOm7g-mVRA

New Order – Blue Monday

Let’s start with the oldest track on the list. I’m an 80’s kid, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to experience some of that lovely experimentation of new technology. The 80’s had some of the simplest, yet most efficient tunes. Oh, and Simmons octagon shaped electronic drums, and that phat fake drum sound will always have a place in my heart.

Ride – Seagull

I hadn’t heard about shoegaze or Ride until Nicolai, also founding member of MØL, introduced me to them. And man, what a gift. The way the whole song just runs out in a long jam towards the end, with more sounds being added, and a drummer who (thank god) don’t know how to keep a beat simple makes it another experience. I really learned that you don’t need to keep things simple, and that you shouldn’t play wha “you are supposed” to play. Something that I always take with me when playing live.

Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace

Haha, the other guys in the band saw this one coming a mile away. Yes, the glorious Dimmu Borgir! I listened to this so much when I was young, and it never gets old.This was my first experience with this inhuman type of singing called “growling”. Cheesy synths, dark atmosphere, and skilled yet slightly sloppy drumming makes it feel so natural. This is an album I’ll love to the end of days.

Raunchy – Watch Out

In 2004 Dimmu Borgir and similar artist was reining supreme on my stereo, and anything with clean singing was banned from it. Until the day got a promotional copy of the danish metalband Raunchy’s album “Confusion Bay”. Could you really mix disco beats and metal drumming? Clean singing and growling? Poppy synths with killer riffs? The answer was a loud and clear YES. And I was hooked instantly.

Madrugada – Vocal

While metal had been the soundtrack of my youth, I gradually opened up to more mellow sounds. An album that my dad got from a co-worker, handed to my sister, who then kept it on repeat in her room. And I didn’t mind hearing it all the time one bit. This one being one of my favorite song of all time. RIP Robert Burås.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – The Rest Will Follow

Roskilde Festival, 2009. I was wandering around, with the worst hangover was very dehydrated. I stumble across a stage with not one, but two drumkits which peaked my interests. And the performance blew my mind with the two drumkits adding to an even more massive and exploding sound. After the show, I knew I had to get everything they had made. Which was quite a lot! Trail of Dead inspired my drumming as well. Who knew you could just keep ramming cymbals over and over, and it would still sound great? I actually met Conrad Keely a few years later and shared some tequila shots. What a chill dude!

Salem – Redlights
During the aftermath of breaking up our old band, me and Nicolai were both playing with different genres and both looked into witchhouse. And one band really did something unique in that period. Salem created a wet mess of sound, with inhuman computergenerated drumming, and a vocalist that sound like Snoop Dog on heroin. And it just worked. The production on the album is THICK, just hear that bass synth at 00:53, makes the house shake on a proper stereo. Fun fact, they seem to be one of the worst live bands of all time though.

Blink-182 – Feeling This
Snotty vocals, catchy tunes, crazy energy and Travis Fucking Barker. Yes, I’m a fanboy, deal with it.

The Cranberries – I Can’t Be With You

She had such a lovely voice and unique style of singing. A rather upbeat track, even though the context is melancholic. The song reminds me of heartbreaks, being young and uncertain about everything. Was very sad to hear Dolores O’Riordan leave this world so soon.

Strapping Young Lad – Love?
First and last time MTV did anything cool for me was when I saw Headbangers Ball late one night before visiting my family, and saw Devin Townsend’s almost hypnotically ugly/majestic haircut.The album ‘Alien’ was bought the day after, and was likely the heaviest music I had ever heard, but it was still extremely catchy, and filled with cold industrial vibes. My single favorite artists of all time. Fun fact, during a concert in 2015, I made a nice giftbox with some liquorice, a thank you note and MØL’s debut EP, which I threw up to him during the show. And Devin actually opened it on stage! He didn’t eat the candy, but took out the EP, and pronounced MØL in the funniest way I can remember. I wonder if he ever heard it?


For more information on all things MØL, please head over to the bands official Facebook page HERE. 


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