New underground Metal you must hear!


Buried way beneath the average Metal news headlines is a heaving underground music scene with some stunning music within. If you dig deep enough you will find some of the best music 2018 has to offer down there, and here are some of Atomsmasher’s recommendations;

Death. Void. Terror. – To The Great Monolith 

This haunting album collides the dissonance of Xasthur with the blood curdling noise of Gnaw Their Tongues and Stalaggh to create a truly horrific and disturbing sound. Where it lacks in riffs or melodies it makes up for in a scathing and desperate atmosphere, and is designed to make the listener feel compmetely lifeless.


Summon – Parazv Il Zilittv

With their abbrasive and cavernous sound Portugal’s Summon join the ranks of Triumvur Foul and Desolate Shrine as one of the best bands making Blackened Death Metal in recent years. Void of and polish or quirks, this is just harsh music played in a harsh manner, and it’s excellent.


Our Place Of Worship Is Silence – With Inexorable Suffering

It’s Death Metal, and it’s technical, but this is no Tech Death album. Think more along the lines of Immolation or mid-career Morbid Angel, and what you get is a complex yet monstrous album from his new band. The Old School influences are unmistakable, but the band take things on some very interesting routes on this great album.


Cist – The Frozen Casket

If you are a fan of Leprosy or Consuming Impulse the you need to be all over this one. While definitely the least original band in this list, they do the Old School Death Metal sound brilliantly. No band, not even Gruesome have come this close to re-creating that early Chuck Schuldiner sound as perfectly as this.


Adversvm – Aion Sitra Ahra

This crushing slab of Death/Doom is an album that you can sit back and take in slowly, with it’s vast and melodic structures, but at the same time it has a crushing immediacy with its dark tone that consumes you right away. Very interesting and thoughtful stuff from Adversvm.


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