Fathom Farewell Release Their New Video Consume The Earth


Post-Hardcore/Metalcore artists Fathom Farewell release the video for their song Consume The Earth.

Consume The Earth is the newest single for Fathom Farewell’s upcoming new album due out this summer. Frontman Alex Cohen explains the inspiration behind the song.

Consume the Earth is a projection of how I interpret our generation currently perceives the world. We all are consumed by society pulling us in so many different directions as we grow that so many of us wind up confused about what we are meant to do with our lives. This causes a lot of depression and even aggression. Our heart pulls us one way while the work we need to do to survive pulls us in the other in most cases, leaving us feeling as though our dreams may never see the light of day to free us from the constant pain of feeling as though our lives aren’t unfolding the way we had hoped for. We hope to inspire others to allow their dreams to see the light of day in spite of whatever may need to be done to survive. In the video we really wanted to channel our energy through the music to portray our fire to continue pursuing our passions in hopes of one day making them our means of surviving. I also feel our environment and the people around us are consumed by the fear of the unknown binding itself to those who are at the highest authority given that we really never can be truly sure of their intentions. Many emotions came into play when writing this song for all of us and it all can be summarized by the concept that life can either be a paradise or a prison depending on your outlook and how you decide to live your life..

Live Dates

May 13th Sonia in Cambridge, MA Consume the Earth Video Release Party featuring Barbarian, Hollow Betrayal, Eclipsed and Ill Will
May 17th Bungalow in Manchester NH w/ Saving Vice
May 19th Finger Lakes Metal Fest in Clyde NY
June 16th Hartford CT at the Webster with The Plot in You, The Worst of Us and Half Hearted
June 22nd Bungalow in Manchester NH w/ The Floors Embrace (EP release), Saving Vice, Deathamphetamine, Callosity


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