Mask Of Judas Release Insane Guitar Playthrough Of New Track ‘Alive’


Be it religious iconography, empty words of faceless politicians or even the psychological confines of celebrity culture, the world as we know it is enslaved. As written in the Ten Commandments “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything” a statement that  Mask Of Judas have placed at the epicentre of their brand new record, The Mesmerist, their debut full length that will be released on May 11th 2018. Breaking free from the shackles of ignorance, Mask Of Judas reveal humanity’s true nature removing the dystopian wool from our eyes.

Jo recently went to Kenya to volunteer in a Masai community where she learnt a lot about an alternative culture’s values and belief system, particularly the positioning of women in their society and how they are valued – which tie in with some of Jo’s lyrical themes.

Jo Challen, vocals, says this about the album

“The Mesmerist’s ongoing theme is modern day society and how our lives are largely controlled by illusive influencers we are compelled to follow: Politically, socially, religiously, and artistically. It’s a reflection of a reality in which our own free-thinking, beliefs and tastes are largely modelled and modified by a cohort of mesmerists, be they elusive, or starkly visible popular figures. It aims to provoke us to question our blind beliefs and everything we think and feel without questioning.”

The Mesmerist was mixed and mastered by acclaimed producer Jacob Hansen, best known for his work with the likes of Volbeat, Xerath, Epica, Aborted and more.

Formed of luminary instrumentalists throughout the UK, Mask Of Judas bring a new age sensibility to the Progressive Metal genre, fusing together the thunderous eight string grooves with lead acrobatics alongside vocal influences that range from Soul and R’n’B to the outer perimeters of Death Metal, The Mesmerist is a trip through the genre kaleidoscope. Formed of guitarists Sam Bell (renowned for his regular contributions to Guitar Interactive Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine and LickLibrary) and Reece Fullwood, with Jof Walsh on drums and George Bell on bass rounded up by Jo Challen on vocals, each member’s instruments form unique sentences into the society challenging verse that is The Mesmerist.



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