6 more UK Death Metal bands you need to hear

Death metal in the United Kingdom has a rich history of highly influential bands; Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Carcass and Napalm Death to name just a few.

Modern day bands are breaking through and gaining the attention of the metal scene with acts like Venom Prison and Foetal Juice leading the charge, but what of the underground?

Last year Atomsmasher brought you 6 Death Metal bands you need to hear, and now we present another 6 for your list…



Fans of Autopsy take note, Pemphigoid are the band for you. Their brand of sickening Doom-tinged Death Metal should win over fans of the Death/Doom genre immediately, and they are the first band I’ve heard in a long time that do the genre justice.


Blood Oath


They may look like a horde of warriors but don’t be fooled into thinking this is some image focused Folk Metal band. Blood Oath play sharp and pummelling Death Metal reminiscent of the mighty Unleashed, and they have an arsenal of war anthems poised and ready.




Apostate hammer out brutal Death Metal in the style of Deicide or Suffocation with plenty of guttural grunts and technical riffing, but being smart enough to avoid drifting into “Tech Death” and staying true to the Old School sound.




Preston’s Mizm are like a blend of Incantation and early Paradise Lost, with subtle hints of Black Metal, and they are doing a stellar job when it comes to the doomy and gloomy style of Death Metal with their grim and claustrophobic sound.

Foul Body Autopsy


Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Grind… Foul Body Autopsy are happy to give it all a go, and the best part is this one man project seem to do any genre they want to try very well. Somewhere in their discography fans of all types of  Death Metal should find something they like.




Hailing from Northern Ireland, Gutspawn have only put out a few murky demo releases, and they are peffect that way. These EP’s sound truly rotten and influenced by everything and everyone from the Old School end of the Death Metal spectrum.





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