Unborn Generation Unveil Single ”Shadow” From Upcoming Album ”Vøid”


The band are releasing their next full-length album titled ”Vøid” on June 15th 2018 via Inverse Records label. The atmosphere on this album is said to be darker than before, including 13 songs of dirtier Grind ‘n’ Roll.

“Yes, it is quite fucking dark. Though I would have preferred more double bass drum.” says Herkko.

“Into black depths in search of truth. The concept was clear from the start.”states the bands bass player and lyricist Arto.

The band have recently unleashed a new single titled ‘Shadow’ which is taken from their upcoming new album.

The ”Vøid”  is the band first release with new lineup. Unborn Generation has been a trio since the fall of 2017, when the band’s longtime vocalist Bonzo left. Guitarist Herkko Huttunen has been doing the growling ever since.

For more information on all things Unborn Genration please check out the bands official Facebook page HERE


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