Ten of the best: April 2018


Ghost – Rats

A pop metal masterpiece of epic proportions with that signature Ghost catchiness and a grandiose feel that the band never lack. Also some of the finest lead guitar work the band have ever put to tape, and an extremely memorable vocal melody in the chorus.

Church Of The Cosmic Skull – Cold Sweat

This wonderful psychedelic pop rock track is easily the most fun song of 2018. The upbeat vibe with the fantastic layered vocals that have a strong gospel influence make this song impossible not to love. Totally infectious, and totally brilliant.

Skeletonwitch – Fen Of Shadows

The band have moved away from the NWOBHM influence on this track and it contains a heavy Melodic Death Metal influence, but Skeletonwitch are pro’s, and they make this direction work very well.

Ba’al – Thy Sorrow

I made most of my points in the track review, but I need to stress that this heartwrenching, melancholic and tense piece of music is one of the most stunning things I’ve head this year, do not miss this one!


Cancer Bats – Space And Time 

A hardcore punk band writing the best metal riffs of 2018 so far? Well they certainly do in this track. The band once again perfectly blend the genres to make something ferocious and full of attitude.

Sleep – Marijuanaut’s Theme

When that heavy, hazy riff kicks in underlined with that mid-paced galloping bass it just makes you glad sleep have returned, and have returned without compromising on any of the traits that made them so great in the first place. Classic stuff from the band.

Marduk – Werwolf

Forget the bollocks that Metalsucks (who are essentially the metal version of the Daily Mail at this point) say about this band, they’re putting out crushing Black Metal and even mix things up a bit on this track, and are once again writing about history, not promoting fascism!

Gruesome – A Waste Of Life

The ultimate Death worshippers return, this time less Leprosy and more Spiritual Healing, but still putting out great Death Metal that would have made Chuck proud of his legacy.

Deafheaven – Honeycomb

It’s nice to hear Deafheaven taking a different approach and move away from their Black Metal sound in favour of their post-rock influences, and the back half of this song is simply beautiful.

Down Among Dead Men – Destroy The Infinite

An awesome piece of crusty, punky Death Metal with a classic chainsaw guitar tone and a perfect vocal performance from the one and only Dave Ingram. Great to hear some new Death Metal with some bite.


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