10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Century Thirteen

Century Thirteen Promo Shot.jpg

CENTURY THIRTEEN ‘s own blend of Alternative Rock fueled with Punk Pop takes from a range of sources but predominately pulls from Blink-182, New Found Glory, and  Green Day. The Glaswegian punks set loose their new self-titled album on Friday 13th July, through all platforms.

Here’s the bands 10 Tracks That Changed My Life feature…

Green Day – Hitchin’ A Ride 

Kevin: This was the first song I learned to play on guitar, such a cool
sounding riff paired with catchy vocals, this song got me into playing
guitar and I learned to play a lot of chords I use for songwriting nowadays.
Without this song I might not have started playing guitar.

Linkin Park – Crawling 

Kevin: This song was the first song that introduced me to Nu-Metal and a
different sound with heavier guitar and vocals that changed my life forever.
Alongside their dark music video this song was full of emotion from start to
finish. It also influenced my fashon style at the time – changing my clothes
to black and getting a wallet chain!

Nirvana – Come As You Are 

Lewis: The first song that made me want to be come a drummer was Come As You
Are by Nirvana, because it influenced me to become an animated drummer at
young age thus kicking off my dream to be a famous drummer and have a career
making and playing music.

Limp Bizkit – My Generation 

Lewis: My Generation was what got me into new techniques with drumming and
learning how to create funk beats with heavy metal. This challenged me to be
more creative when it came to working with any metal band and showed me that
It didn’t always have to be a generic beat to be heavy drums for that sort
of genre.

Buddy Rich – The Impossible Drum Solo 

Lewis: Buddy Rich blew me away and inspired and introduced me to all sorts
of jazz techniques and abilities to control the rhythm of songs. This made
want to become a well remembered drummer in history and wanted me to keep at
it and practice and practice to make an impact to the music world. It showed
me how drum solos can captivate audiences attention and that’s where I see
myself in the future, on a stage, making history and creating moments for
people to remember for years to come.

blink-182 – What’s My Age Again? 

Dale: This track always put me in a good mood and made me feel like nothing
could stop me. The lyrics really meant a lot to me as well because people
didn’t take me seriously when I was being serious. Fun fact – this was the
first song I learned on bass as well!

Less Than Jake – Gainesville Rock City 

Dale: This song made me become such a major fan of this band which also got
me into ska punk. Everything from the start of the song to the sweet guitar
riff to upbeat chorus and the catchy bridge that makes you sing Gainsville
Rock City!

Muse – New Born 

Scott: I was totally obsessed with Muse at the time the Origin of Symmetry
album came out, and that album was the one that inspired me to puck up the
guitar and learn to play and write my own songs. New Born was the first song
I learned to play – I pushed myself to keep going until I could play the big
riff! I think today there’s still a lot of influence from Muse in the way I
write and play guitar.

Jacob Golden – Out Come The Wolves 

Scott: I still remember the first time I heard this song, randomly watching
Later with Jools Holland back when I was a student, and it blew me away at
the time with it’s stripped back production, train-of-thought lyrics, and
the amount of raw emotion that was put in to the performance – it has
remained one of my favourite songs ever since.

Thrice – Red Sky 

Scott: Arguably the best song on arguably the best album by Thrice, and
considering the consistency of their back catalog that is very high praise
indeed. The way the song effortlessly flows from subdued piano and synth, to
the heavy, powerful chorus, is a big inspiration. If you’ve not heard this,
do yourself a favour and listen to the whole of the album, Vheissu. And then
go and listen to everything else Thrice have done.


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