Ten of the Best – March 2018


Alkaloid – Kernel Panic

A stunning blend of extreme metal and retro prog on this track put Alkaloid up there with few bands that are taking influences and crafting them into something entirely new, and in this case beautiful.

Skindred – Big Tings

Skindred’s title track for their upcoming album is their most commercial sound to date, however it is also the catchiest and most memorable song of their career,  and a welcome change from the band.

Aura Noir – Dark Lung Of Storm

The band return after a six year absence and remind us that they write the best thrash riffs in the game. Aura Noir will never evolve, but they will always be the Kings of ugly Blackened Thrash.

MØL – Bruma

Møl have taken what Deafheaven pioneered and have elevated it to something more refined and substantial with this single. With Post-Black Metal bands like this popping up, it may be a sign that this genre is here to stay rather than just a passing fad.

At The Gates – A Stare Bound In Stone

While the title track was a little formulaic, this second teaser song carries much more weight and is armed with a much punchier chorus, which proves that the band still have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Casket Feeder – The Supremacy Of Idiocricy

While the Scalps EP shows us a diverse range of sounds from the band, this lead single provides the classic rage and spitting venom what we have come to love and expect from Casket Feeder, and it goes down a treat.

Boss Keloid – Chronosiam 

As usual they provide those meaty riffs, but with this new track from Boss Keloid comes a heightened sense of atmosphere, something which propels them beyond their peers and should see them recognised by a much wider fanbase. Phenomenal stuff.

Uada – Cult of a Dying Sun

With minimal vocals and the soaring melodic guitars taking on most of the work, this song is a haunting piece of Melodic Black Metal that will instantly win over fans of the genre godfathers Dissection and Rotting Christ.

Thy Catafalque – Sárember 

If you’re longing for something different then this is the song for you in March. It’s a difficult one to describe, but if you like your Metal progressive but with memorable little flourishes and spanning a range of genres, then this just may be your thing.

Judas Priest – Spectre

While admittedly I’ve never been their biggest fan, this stomping mid paced metal monster with its huge chorus is just impossible not to get on board with. This could be the song that will make me take a deeper look into the newer Judas Priest output.


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