Garganjua Set To Release New Album ‘Through The Void’

DSC_8981 (1)

Holy Roar Records have recently announced that we will be working with Garganjua.

The band will be releasing their forthcoming album ‘Through The Void’ on LP/CD/DD, which is due out on 11th May.

garganjua view scan. adjusted. 300dpi. jpg-1 (1).jpg


We really pushed ourselves creatively and sonically with the new album, tapping into a more raw and emotional vein while expanding our sound and exploring different avenues musically.

Heavier than the first album in every sense of the word, this album was definitely a challenge but one that we are proud to have achieved. If ‘A Voyage In Solitude’ hooked you in then be prepared for ‘Through The Void’ to throw you out to sea.” – Garganjua

You can pre-order Garganjua’s forthcoming new album Through The Void HERE 


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