Six Of The Best Music Venues In Manchester


With a handful of Manchester music venue’s closing in the last 12 months or so we decided to compile a list of 6 of our favourite venues in Manchester.

And in no particular order here are some gems.

Star + Garter 

‘Its a shit hole but its our shit hole’ is one of the sayings we’ve heard say on the music scene. That and the fact the bar staff are probably the worlds grumpiest guys on the planet who have a small obsession with The Smiths.

The venue is one of the best in Manchester for DIY shows and always has a great sound and atmosphere.

For more information on events please check out Star + Garters Facebook page HERE



Rebellion has been our second home for around 12 months or so and is a fantastic alternative music venue. Probably the best sounding venue in Manchester. Staff are great and the beers cheap. (We recommend the two pint pitchers).

The venue is spacious and can cater two stages with a great smoking area and outside seating.

For more information of events please check out


Deaf Institute

Deaf Institute is probably one of the best looking venues in Manchester and also serves some of the best vegan food in Manchester too.

For more information on events please check out

Photo Credit – Pete Zwanepoel


The Peer Hat / Aatma 

Not going to lie until 2018 we hadn’t really been to the venue a lot. Think last year I ventured over for a handful of shows the one that stands out the most was checking out Bent life and Up River on a whim.

Another great DIY venue with both venues having its unique features. Aatma’s toilets being questionable.

For more information on events check out &



Situated in the Northern Quarter and this gem is a nice little boozer too. Upstairs is always loud and 90% of the time you’ve sweated so much you feel like you’ve lost a stone in weight.

Similar layout to Star & Garter but with happier bar staff and a bit more of a hipster feel.

For more information on events check out


The Bread Shed 

The venue has recently had a massive massive upgrade and refurb which for me has really impressed me. Even more so the merch area is absolute massive.

The venue is a stones throw away from Deaf Institute and is connected to a great pub too. Another venue that can cater for two stages which recently hosted the APF Showcase

For more information on events check out the website


We have obviously missed out a few venues across the city but we have to give an honourable mention to Grand Central, The Factory, Manchester Academy, The Ritz, Albert Hall, The Castle, Gorilla, The Eagle Pub, The Night People & The Ruby Lounge.

More importantly the music venues and the Manchester music scene in general needs your support. So please check out the venues above and if we’ve missed something or somewhere please give us a shout.



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