Noise Punk Trio WOORMS & Hardcore/Thrashers A HANGING Join Forces For 7″ Split


Louisiana based doomy noise punk trio WOORMS are in have teamed up with anger fueled hardcore thrashers A HANGING for a 7” split release.

The A side of the split consists of the hypnotic track “The Math Says Yes”, where WOORMS have brought forth an abnormal illustration of heavy sound.

The B side is filled with 3 short, but super-fast and dynamic tracks of fast-paced crossover thrash metal.

Formed in 2017, WOORMS is a noise punk band from South Louisiana, US. Within a year the doomy, sludge, super-fuzzed out trio has released a few singles and a 6-track demo release that promises a soundscape of mysterious noises and hard driving riffs.  WOORMS’ music lumberingly explodes with the help of crushing structure, buzzy vibration, and schizoid rage. The band are currently in the process of working on the bands debut LP.

For more information on all things WOORMS please head to the bands official Facebook page HERE


Hardcore/thrash metal band A HANGING was formed in 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana when Scorilla (guitar) teamed up with Alix(vocals), Billy Bones(drums), and Thomas (bass) after the demise of their band Daisy.

In 2008 Thomas left the band and Chris Squire (ex-Batallion Of Saints) joined. During this time the band released the debut full length “Food For Rats” and appeared on the “Slow Southern Steel” documentary.

In 2010 Chris left the band and Bobby Paranoize (who was also playing in Face First at the time) stepped in on bass. In 2011 Alix left the band and Scott assumed vocal duties as well as guitars, which brings the band’s current lineup today.  With this new lineup, A HANGING came up with an EP, a few splits and appeared on some compilations.

Within their 11 years of existence, A HANGING has shared stages with many great acts, including Saint Vitus, Negative Approach, D.R.I., M.O.D., dead horse, Eyehategod, Goatwhore, Crowbar, Black Tusk, Artillery, Potential Threat, and Rwake.

For more information on all things A HANGING please head to the bands official Facebook page HERE 




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