10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Jason Gostelow, Church of Lies


Jason is the guitarist on Grimbsy based Doom band Church Of Lies and these are the 10 Tracks That Changed His Life…

Out in the fields – Gary Moore and Phil Lynott

I was brought up in a house where rock music was always being played by my Mum and Dad, this song always sticks in my head though as it was one i always wanted to hear as a kid, only later on did i realise how fucking good a guitar player Gary Moore actually was, one of the greatest and the solo in this rips.

Drag the Waters – Pantera

This was the first time i heard Pantera if i remember correctly, saw this video on MTV and just thought they was the coolest mother fuckers id ever seen, for me they just had everything i was looking for at the time, riffs, groove, heavy, aggressive vocals and awesome guitar solos, i had to hear more of this kind of music, Dimebag will always be in my top 3 guitar players, such a unique player in that he just hammered the guitar within an inch of its life and got every sound possible out of it.

Albatross – Corrosion of Conformity

After listening to NOLA by Down and knowing they was made up of members from different bands i started seeking them out, enter Albatross, that opening riff will forever stick in my head as one of those wow moments, i vaguely remember seeing them on the TV show The Word when i was at school but they totally passed me by, not this time! its just a perfect song to me and i want it played loud at my funeral!

Sleep – Dragonaut

 Again its the opening riff that sucked me in with this song, what was i hearing? then when the full band kicked in it just blew my head off, the guitar tone was amazing to me and like a million other guitar players the Matt Pike tone from this album is what i searched for, ive been close a few times i think ha ha, Sleep are like Sabbath in that there’s not much you can say about them that hasn’t already been said.

Vio-lence – Calling in the coroner

Somewhere in between the other songs i entered a bit of a thrash obsession that came from playing the guitar but wanting to play it fast, i bought the Album ‘Eternal Nightmare’ on vinyl and pretty much wore it out ha ha, this was the best song on the album and i spent hours and hours trying to learn it on guitar, its also by far the best album Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel ever recorded.

High on Fire – Cometh down Hessian

After having a good listen to Sleep it was time to check out Matt Pike’s other band, this was the first song i heard and fuck me what a track, it was like i had found the missing link between the stoner bands i had been enjoying and thrash, fast paced, heavy as fuck, dischordant riffs, crazy solos and vocals like Lemmy on steroids, sign me up! im  forever influenced by this band and more than one person has said my guitar playing reminds them of Matt Pike, that to me is the biggest compliment i could receive as a guitarist.

Trollkraftt – Dragonslag

After playing guitar for a good few years i decided id have a go at joining a band but i didn’t know that many musicians who liked the same stuff as me, a local rock club and biker bar used to have jam nights so i took my guitar down for a blast, i Met and jammed with a guy called Chris Fagg, we soon became friends and he told me he also played bass in a band called Trollkraftt, i gave them a listen and fuck me it was heavy, along with the guitarist Tom they both introduced me to the underground stoner/doom scene in the UK which i had to be part of!  Chris sadly passed away in 2013 but he is the reason i play in a band today. so i am forever grateful to him.

Conan – Hawk as weapon

One of the bands that Chris and Tom introduced me to was Conan, does it get much heavier? some would say yes but to me they are the kings of the UK underground and seeing them reach the heights they have is really inspiring, being able to share the stage with them opening for them on a date of their UK tour was a massive personal achievement for me and they are by far the loudest band ive ever seen ha ha.

Black Sabbath – Into the Void

Not much to say about Sabbath that hasn’t been said a million times but this is THEE riff of all riffs, anyone who plays music of the heavier nature and isn’t inspired by Sabbath is doing it wrong.

Metallica – Nothing else matters

As these are songs that changed my life it would be rude not to include a Metallica song, its cool to hate them these days but fuck what anyone says they took on the world and won, i had this song played at my wedding, doesn’t get much more life changing than that ha ha!

After having a few ups and downs last year Church of lies are back in bussiness now and settled back as a four piece working hard on new material for our first full length album, hopefully to be recorded later this year, we’re also prepping for metal to the masses and hoping to do well in thecompetition aswell as booking gigs for the year ahead

For more information on all things Church of Lies please check out the bands Facebook page HERE




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