Interview with Kalle from Follow The Cipher


We sat down with Kalle from Follow The Ciper this week for a quick interview ahead of the release of the bands upcoming self titled album on 11th May via Nuclear Blast.

Ad Gosling – Describe Follow The Cipher in three words?

Kalle – Hello Ad and thank you for showing interest in the band :).  The three words would be: Melodic, Bombastic and Metal.

Ad Gosling – How has 2018 been for you so far?  

Kalle – Awesome! We’re really satisfied with all the promotion work that Nuclear Blast has done for us/helped us with, getting us in contact with interviewers like yourself for example. The reviews so far have been good and the responses for the releases on YouTube have been satisfying… Now we just need to do some gigs, so we’re looking forward to the two festival shows we have booked for this summer (Metalfest Open Air and Graspop Metal Meeting).

Ad Gosling – The new self-titled album is due for release on 11th May, what can our readers expect from the album?

Kalle – I would describe the album as a bombastic audible heavy metal story, divided into 11 awesome songs written by Ken Kängström and Viktor Carlsson. We have Linda’s powerful voice, the characteristic electronic elements and everything is presented as a tasteful combination between djent and power metal… That’s how I would describe it anyways.

Ad Gosling – What’s your favourite track from the upcoming album?

Kalle – As everybody always says; that’s like picking your favourite child 😉 But for now I would say “Play With Fire”… I like triplets.

Ad Gosling – Sabaton’s Chris Rorland designed the album cover, how did that come about?

Kalle – We have a close connection to the whole Sabaton crew and they have helped us in so many ways. Over time we have got to know just what a multi-talented guy Chris is, so we asked him if he wanted to create the artwork for our debut album and he said yes. Ken fulfilled the job of directing his and the whole band’s vision to Chris through many hours of phone calls . I would say that Chris did an awesome job interpreting those thoughts and ideas, because we’re more than pleased with the result of the artwork and booklet.

Ad Gosling – Can we expect a UK / European Tour later this year?
Kalle – Nothing planned yet, the first goal would probably be a support tour in Europe for a few weeks this autumn. Hopefully we’ll manage that.

Ad Gosling – Which bands would you like to bring along with you on this tour if you could?

Kalle – There’s a few aspects to this one. Personally it would be really convenient for me to bring Billion Dollar Babies along on the road, because then both bands would get a proper tour and the bands wouldn’t need any stand in drummer! Otherwise, Helloween is my favourite band, so it would be cool playing together with them. But if I were to talk about the band’s best interest and suggest a band that I guess everyone would be pretty pleased about playing with, would I say In Flames. I think it would be a pretty good fit for us supporting them. I think we could reach out to a pretty big part of their audience.

Ad Gosling – What bands should we keep an eye out for from your homeland of Sweden?

Kalle – Check out Billion Dollar Babies, I play drums for them as well as I mentioned before. Otherwise here’s a list of friends that I have played with and some of the bigger bands; Bloodbound, Blazon Stone, Twilight Force, Brothers Of Metal, Sabaton, Hammerfall, In Flames, The Haunted, At The Gates, Entombed and Refused.

You should also check out some of the inactive bands that the members of FTC have played with before. You could probably find them on Spotify or YouTube; Orphan Gypsy, Mary Fay, Skyride, Mashima and Saint Loaded.

Ad Gosling – What’s it like being part of the lovely family that is Nuclear Blast?

Kalle – I don’t have so much more to add other than what I wrote in the second question. So I summarise; really good and beyond my  expectations. It feels like they really care about you 🙂

Ad Gosling – What’s your favourite city to visit when on tour?

Kalle – I have only done two tours, so for the little I know through my previous touring experience I would say Barcelona and Lausanne. I liked the beach in Barcelona and Lausanne was so beautiful, plus the standards in Switzerland are really high.

Ad Gosling – You are included on the Metal Fest line up with some fantastic bands. But which’s ones are you looking forward to checking out?

Kalle – I’m going to pick five; Accept, Ice Age, Death Angel, Battle Beast and Equilibrium.

Ad Gosling – What would you improve on, in the current music scene?

Kalle – We have culture unfortunately where it is hard for smaller bands (band’s that are good and attract some audience) to get paid for pub and club gigs. This is not only the clubs fault, because bands want to play so bad that they say YES regardless of the payment situation. Of course the customer takes the cheapest product? It’s up to all of the bands out there to analyse their own value… Then of course do you need to be a bit self-critical. If you don’t attract any audience and everyone says you suck, then you probably can’t demand a million dollars in fee. It’s not about being greedy, just evaluate your value so you don’t get scammed.


‘Follow The Cipher’s debut self-titled record is due out via Nuclear Blast on 11th May, available for pre-order HERE.



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