VNDTA Promo Shot.jpg

VNDTA unleash an appealing blend of stout riffs, gut wrenching vocals, and
unbridled passion. By taking in a glut of influences from Thy Art is Murder,
Periphery and Pantera, through to No Doubt, VNDTA have crafted a sound that
is both unique and potent. The band released their explosive new EP, Pale
Glow, earlier this month, and they have just dropped a video for Martyr…

The Hertfordshire quartet were born in 2015, but it’s been within the last
year that the band’s profile has massively increased. A flood of recent
highly successful shows throughout the country, as well as supports with
Aghast, Vanity, King Leviathan and Confessions of a Traitor have served to
raise their stock. In addition to focussing on touring, the alt-metallers
have also worked assiduously on their debut release.

VNDTA’s  new EP instantly hits you in the face. Framed with Willem
Mason-Geraghty’s beats, which rattle your bones to the core, merged with
Megan Targett’s mighty impressive vocal range, calling to mind everyone from
Angela Gossow to Cristina Scabbia, and with Callan Hughes’ and Jay Bacon’s
crushing riffs that hammer and complement each other in equal measure, the
band are an irrefutable talent.

A main highlight from the EP is the band’s new single and video, Martyr – . Vocalist Megan Targett comments on the track
and video: “‘Martyr’ is a brutally heavy track but with a schizophrenic
twist. Like the characters in the video, ‘Martyr’ is a song that has more
than meets the ear or eye. Inspired by true events, it is a sarcastic anthem
for anyone who has been burdened by self-righteous f**ks”.

Keep updated on the band’s movements by attaching yourself to their social
media and look out for further announcements and watch these alt-metallers


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