Review : CKY – Manchester Academy


It’s been approximately twelve months since CKY were in Manchester playing to a sold out headline show at Rebellion, and their enthusiasm and lust for touring shows absolutely no signs of waning. Sandwiched between a bill of two heavyweights of their own collective genres, Danko Jones and Skindred, CKY are taking the role of main support.

Smiles, and enthusiastic playing, see them churn out some of the chunkiest sounds of the night, to a packed to the brim Manchester Academy. Enthusiasm and groove beam from the stage with constantly contagious and catchy riffs delivered in that signature CKY guitar tone that fans have come to expect. And it’s very clear that they’ll be making the most of their allocated time.

Chad Ginsburg, clearly now comfortably settled into the role of front man, wears the role as if he was born to it. He grins throughout songs, motivates the crowd, and comfortably wins over the 2000 strong audience with ease, from initiating clapping, winning cheers, to perfectly delivering some note for note solos.


The trio play an hour of classic hits opting to play predominantly from Volume 1 and Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild but naturally allowing time for some tracks from new release, The Phoenix. An Answer Can Be Found and Carver City both completely omitted from the setlist, with the band choosing to target their most recognisable era, and their metaphorical rise from the ashes. They even take time out between songs to playfully and gently mock themselves as “being that band with that one song” before leading into their most recognisable track “96 Quite Bitter Beings”. A few more to be included within the setlist are “Attached at the Hip”, “Rio Bravo” and “Fleshed into Gear”.

Throughout, bass is loud and weighty thanks to Matt Deis, and the drums are ridiculously tight courtesy of Jess Margera. The setlist on the whole, is a powerful slice of nostalgia for many present fans, allowing them to reminisce their younger years. It’s an hour that flies by, and sadly leaves the audience as they say “wanting more”. It’s great to see an act so immersed in the enjoyment of it all, clearly making the most of every moment, and not taking a single second for granted.

They finish up with their penultimate track, a GG Allin cover of ‘Bite it you scum’, before hitting the crowd with the classic “Escape from Hellview”. Leaving the audience in the same state of joy as they did within their first few opening bars. If CKY’s mission is to let the world know they’re back, they’re doing it with a huge charismatic presence, that reminds us, why we always loved them to begin with.


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chad Ginsburg, Jess Margera and Matt Deis for an interview pre show, which is available to read here :


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