Lautreamont Unleash Studio Performance of “Epitaph”


Hailing from Novorossiysk, a port city on the Black Sea in Southern Russia, avant-garde extreme metal trio Lautreamont explore decadence and dissonance on their upcoming album Silence of the Deceased, set to be launched on May 7th. The band has launched a studio performance video of the song “Epitaph.”

‘Epitaph’ is the closing song of the album and it summarizes pretty much everything Lautreamont offers on ‘Silence of the Deceased’: the sinister, crawling and deadly atmosphere delivered by vortex riffing, ambience and variative complex rhythmic approach,” commented singer and bassist Alex “Dread” Zarotiadi.

He continues: “The song is based on the great poem ‘L’Epitaphe’ written by master Maurice Rollinat and it is some kind of quintessence of the album’s lyrical concept: madness, anticipation and solemn embrace of the end.

The band’s decision to release a studio performance video is to introduce Lautreamont visually, showing their approach of playing live and delivering the music in their specific way. “We’re going to express the music by another different visual forms in the future indeed,” Zarotiadi admits.

Silence of the Deceased has been in the works for a few years; Lautreamont took their time to produce an album that is worth of listeners’ attention, but they also believe that there is a big room to evolve in the future, which is bright.
No boundaries and no compromises, those who have ears must hear. Just give it a listen. No tour plans for the moment but this topic is open for discussion. If we feel that we should do it – we will do it.

Silence of the Deceasedis out on May 7th and is available to pre-order from Bandcamp.


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