Angertea Set To Release Special Acoustic Album


Angertea are releasing a special acoustic new album in October via Inverse Records. The album entitled ’Sidetrack (An Acoustic Act to Eradicate Torture)’ is going to include 7 brand new songs and a cover from the metal band Wackor.

“Angertea is basically a progressive/experimental metal band with 5 full length albums, so this one is going to be a really special thing for us. It can, and can not be called the 6th album of the band at the same time… It was recorded by Csaba Gődér, mixed by József Kiss at Area 51 studio and edited by Bálint Schautek.  We’re gonna show the world the video for ’Slaves in Dark Inferno’ in September, and then comes the album release worldwide  in October. 

The first song made public is called ’Geese(At a Hungry Festival)’. This song was written first and mixed first so we thought we’d publish it first as well. It’s about new hopes and growing up in today’s hectic world.” Comments Gergő from Angertea.

For more information on all things Angertea please check out the bands official Facebook page HERE


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