10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Fenton.T, ST Fenton The Tainted


Misfits: Skulls

Yeah I know everyone likes the Misfits. But when I was about 9 my cousin who was a punk decided to play this to me and because they were a bit “Halloweeny” looking etc I was hooked.

Morbid Angel: Blessed Are the Sick/Leading The Rats. 

Ok fast forward about 5 years, I was by this point well into games workshop (like most young boys) so I’m leafing through a magazine called white dwarf (yeah I know) and I come across an advert for the grind-crusher tour. The logos were enough to get me interested as well as the gw artwork so I nagged that same cousin to take me. I was terrified by Moribid Angel when they came on as I was a young kid in my freshly brought Morbid Angel t-shirt and surrounded by huge hairy dudes smashing into each other… but I was also having the best time of my life. I thought they were the coolest thing I’d heard since… well the Misfits. Which made me start to wonder what else was out there.

White Zombie: Welcome To Planet Motherf**ker

It was this or Pantera’s broken but White Zombie is my favourite. It has swearing, the coolest gnarliest looking guys/gal in it and it’s still heavy as anything. I love it. Some of my best memories come with White Zombie as the soundtrack and I discovered this whilst sitting round a friends house watching Beavis and Butthead on TV. This was when I decided I was gonna be in a band. I was 16, full of piss and vinegar. And this came out. I’d been learning to play bass and had started being in bands for a couple of years but… this made me sit up. I had to get involved more.

Ministry: Just One Fix.

Brought this on release day. From WHSmiths of all places. I was very excited… scratch that… exceedingly excited. Whilst all my friends were listening to Nirvana etc I was getting my teen angst on with this bad boy. And I was a proper delinquent as well. You know those 80’s films with the typical small town metalhead, well that was me. This was when the fighting drinking and all that fun stuff took hold and this was to be my soundtrack.

Buzzov’en:  Unwilling to Explain. 

Now.. to a mixed up kid with emotional problems and a foul attitude this could well have been my holy grail. Guys like me playing stuff I wanted to hear. I found a copy of Xtremenoise I think it was called with Glen Benton in his gold god repealing armour on the cover in a shop with a cover mount tape on it (yeah I’m that old) I remember distinctly as it was a bright summer morning and I had just woken up with a massive hangover as I’d been out all night partying and found myself asleep on the steps of a local fountain. I struggled my way into a shop to buy some water and there it was. So I scraped my limited funds together and got it instead of the water. Now here was something I could relate to… this begun my year long search to try to find the album in which time I wore out the tape from playing this song over and over again. 

Nick Cave: The Curse of Millhaven

So dark, so twisted, so much fun. I had not heard anything like this before. I was just coming out the other side of being “King of Bastards” and this fit my mood perfectly. Plus I could play it at work without getting any complaints from the idiots I had to fraternise with on a daily basis. I guess I was growing up.

Tom Waits: Gods Away on Business

As things got darker in my life so did my tastes. But Tom was a bit gentler, like Nick Cave his sardonic outlook on the world taught me I should laugh at stuff more. See the humour in things and generally not take myself too seriously. Many a happy hour was spent watching 120 minuets on MTV, they had a Tom Waits special. I couldn’t get enough. Since then I don’t believe a week’s gone by without me having some of his music playing. I find it a great comfort.

Iron Monkey: Big Loader

I possess the ability to not only get myself in deep trouble but also to enrage some people just at the mere sight of me. I believe the phrase is “hate magnet”. This is the soundtrack to that I guess.  A lot of my friends find it hilarious, I find it trying not being able to go out without someone taking exception to me. Hence why I don’t go out much. I was in and out of various institutions and I think if it wasn’t for this I’d have got myself into even more trouble. Lots of cheap vodka was drunk to this and lots of glasses were smashed. In short… I was great fun to be around (not) he he.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Theme song

Let’s lighten the mood shall we? Ok so waaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was 10-11 and a bit of a nerd *cough cough* this was riding high in the charts for a whole 2 weeks before being knocked out by  Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart . I can’t help but feel the anger at this injustice is what sent me down the path I went on for all those years. He he. This still gets played by me.. at parties. You’re welcome. 😉

White Zombie: More Human Than Human

Let’s end on a high note. I was gonna put High on Fire’s Fury Whip, as seeing them play it live really got me going, but… I think I had to end on this. This song never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s perfect. It reminds me of everything good about my life and music and what I enjoy. 🙂

F**k it! Here fury whip as well. 😉


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