10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Ashley De Beer, Truth and Its Burden

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Ashley is the vocalist from South African hardcore band Truth and Its Burden and here’s his 10 Tracks That Changed My Life.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck 

Quite literally the first rock song I’d ever heard back in 1991. The music video was being aired on one of the TV networks and my brother and I happened to check it out. I was 9 years old and that day is imprinted in my mind as the day my love for music really began.

Durango95 – Friday Night Escape Deception 

Around the young age of 20 or so, I decided I would try and book my first international tour with Durango 95, a German band. I loved the band and they just had that Kid Dynamite feel and swagger in their sound. This song itself speaks about not living for one day of the week, and basically doing positive things with the entire week. At the time I as working on construction in the middle of nowhere, and hearing this song changed my entire course, which involved booking this tour and many more I the future.

Misery Signals – 5 Years 

Probably the best Mis Sigs song ever written. 5 Years showcases everything Misery Signals represents in one song. It’s technically out of this world, it has melody, it has heavy, it has raw emotion, great lyrics and an incredible guitar solo all in one song.

Rancid – Salvation 

This song has always been that punk song that really introduced me both to Rancid, but also to that old school punk sound. Actually saw the music video first and as a young kid it just had that catchy sound, but street style look and feel. Fell in love with Tim Armstrong’s vocal style instantly.

The Ghost Inside – Destined 

A song that helped push me into the right direction with music and touring with Truth And Its Burden. We’d plateaued for a while and this song was really the kick in the nuts to get things moving forward again properly.

The Briggs – Panic 

By my standards, the best punk anthem to have been written. Lyrically incredible, melodic and just an all-round great song. No matter how many times I play this song I just can’t kill it

Guns ‘n Roses – Coma 

I don’t think most folks care for GNR these days, but in their time they were a force to be reckoned with. This song in particular has so much scope in its 10+ minutes run time. The Use Your Illusion albums also showcase such stellar production skill, with such full sound on all the instruments. Coma has all the ground covered in one great song, always been a favourite.

AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long 

There really isn’t a sweeter song around. They’ll play this at my funeral when I’m done.

Shelter – The Greater Plan

 Through my early 20’s I discovered Shelter’s “The Purpose, The Passion”, and their formula for writing positively charged hardcore punk laid down the foundation for how I would later write lyrics myself here in Truth And Its Burden.

Sepultura – Territory

This song is such a ripping tune, the intense drumming, the slow heavy feel into the fast aggression all made for a timeless masterpiece.

For more information on all things Truth and Its Burden please check out the bands official Facebook page HERE 


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