10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Theo Of From The Shores


Theo is from italian death metal band From The Shores and here’s his 10 Tracks That Changed My Life feature.

‘Ask’ by The Smiths

I first heard this song whilst working in a shop. That guitar work and that singing, glued together as one, with that vintage but smooth production had me at hello.
I went back to the whole Smiths catalogue after that, and now they are one of my favorite bands ever.

‘Rookie Of The Year’ by Funeral For A Friend

A friend gave me some cds when we started playing together. It was 2004 i think,
full emo wave. The first song made up my mind: i wanted my band to sound exactly the same: aggressive yet melodic, powerful yet emotional. ‘Casually Dressed And Deep In Covnersation’ is a masterpiece. FFAF were one of those few bands also able to play their tunes live keeping them true to the record. Gonna miss them.

‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash

I don’t really like country music, but Johnny Cash is one of my favourite singers ever.
His own personal blend of old rooted american music and personal struggles is abrasive.

‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’ by The Offspring

Yeah, it’s funny. But the commercial success The Offspring had at the end of the 90s got me the chance to discover a whole new world. From Americana i went back to Smash and Ixany On The Hombre, still my favourite from them. And from The Offspring to Pennywise, Rancid and so on. Really life changing.

‘Hybrid Moments’ by The Misfits

Possibly my favorite band ever. Unbeatable. Short, catchy horror-themed tunes, amazing vocals, lo-fi sound. There is this thing where their songs are so easy to play but impossible to perform the same way they do.
You never get tired of The Misfits.

‘Eleanor Rigby’ by The Beatles

I can’t say anything about the Beatles that hasn’t been said already. My dad was their biggest fan i know, and i remember him playing their vinyls when i was a kid. I’ve watched the ‘Yellow Submarine’ movie more times that i’ve been to church.
The sound of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is so full and complete and the song so sad and intense.
“All the lonely people, Where do they all come from?”

‘Heal The World’ by Michael Jackson

If, for a moment, we could keep music separated from gossip, Michael Jackson has been the most complete musician and performer pop music has ever been faced with. I was 4 when this song came out and i remember my teacher in kindergarten teaching us the lyrics in english lessons. It was probably one of the first times i experienced music in my life, one of those things you never forget.

‘Closed Casket Requiem’ by The Black Dahlia Murder

When my band started playing ‘heavier’, Black Dahlia were like the perfect match to me of melody and evil. ‘Unhallowed’ is a hell of an album: pretty much all the songs are good. I still listen to this album regularly. The perfect bridge between metalcore and death metal. They are also great dudes.

‘Heaven In Her Arms’ by Converge

Converge is more than a band, and ‘Jane Doe’ is way more than a record. Love them or leave them, I’ve never felt the same urge and burning with any other band. Jacob’s pain flows straight from his chest to yours. Listening to ‘Jane Doe’ front to back is cathartic, like violent yoga.

‘Disintegration’ by The Cure

There are some bands you have known for years, and then, when you get to listen to one of their albums that you hadnít heard before, you fall in love with them. That’s basically my story with The Cure. I first listened to ‘Disintegration’ in a period of my life when it really fitted as a soundtrack. Decadent, darkly romantic, like withered flowers. This album is a flow of emotions.
I could keep on listening to the title track for hours, with its pulsing, heart-melting bass line.


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