10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Sylvester Völgaah Of Volniir


Volniir are a Black Metal Outfit Based in Manchester UK. That create Aggressive, atmospheric and desolate music. Their Debut EP ‘The Enigma’ is available via Bandcamp.

1 -Darkthrone –  In the Shadow of the Horns

This track is important to me as it was the very first Black Metal song I heard. Me and my friend used to buy albums and show them to each other at the weekend, He put on this song and I was quite shocked. It sounded awful, but it was very gripping. It was like nothing I had heard before, after this I fell in love with the whole ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ album. This was also the first song Volniir played together in the practice room when I gathered a full line up, I may have to record a cover of this in the future.

2- AC/DC – For those about to rock.

This was the first CD I owned. I was out in town trying to find a suitable Father’s Day gift and was struggling badly. I picked up the first CD I found it was ’40 Dad rock anthems’ or something along those lines. He never listened to it, so a few weeks later I borrowed it and sat down and put it on. The first track was ‘For those about to rock’ and after that night I became obsessed with AC/DC. About a month later I got my first electric guitar.

3 – Megadeth – Reckoning Day

After I heard Garth (Wayne’s World) say ‘Do you have any Megadeth’ the phrase stuck with me. I’d never heard of Megadeth before until then, so I went to town and got the album ‘Youthanasia’ along with Slayer’s ‘Reign in Blood’. After listening to both albums back to back, Reckoning Day was the track that stuck.

4 – Behemoth – Demigod

I found Behemoth during the end of high school, I listened to the whole ‘Demigod’ album a lot during the summer break before college started. The title track in particular is what blew me away, up until that point I’d never heard anything so aggressive and powerful. This pushed me towards various other Death Metal bands such as Bolt Thrower and Death.

5 – Def Leppard – Gods of War

This was the track that introduced me to Steve Clark, who is one of my favourite guitar players. The first time I heard this it sent shivers down my spine. The first few moments of the track are where the opening bassline and first guitar riff really impressed me. The vocals and overall song structure is great too. After I heard this I really pushed myself to practice a lot more on guitar.

6 – Possessed – The exorcist

The way I found Possessed is quite strange, when I was about 12/13 I attempted to download some music from Limewire. I was trying to download Anthrax and ended up with Possessed. Due to the fact it was illegally downloaded the quality was awful, I instantly fell in love with the Album and I was very inspired. This lead to attempt to start my first band named ‘Paladin’. This was very short lived though.

7 – Bram Stokers Dracula OST – The Beginning

My parents let me watch Bram Stokers Dracula with them when I was quite young, it terrified me. The music played a large part in my terror, I found the music to be very tense and unnerving. I later revisited the film and literally faced the music and I loved it. After this I started to appreciate movie soundtracks and music more, in my spare time I like to experiment ambient tracks which are somewhat inspired by this style of music. For example, ‘Pestilence’ from our Debut EP.

8 – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

This track changes everyone’s life.

9 – Aerosmith – Love in an Elevator

Aerosmith were the first band I saw live and they came out to this song, it was my first experience in an environment where the music was so loud that my chest was pounding with the drums. I left that concert being more inspired than ever before.

10 – Volniir – In Talons Beareth

Although this is my own song, I think this track had a huge impact on me as it was the first song I fully recorded for the project and it was when I had the first taste of success. Since I was 11/12 I wanted to record a song of my own and I had finally achieved that. Once I had a full demo of this track recorded I was very excited and felt quite proud.


We are currently working on our first Full Length album, due out this winter.


26th April M2TM – Rebellion

2nd May – Satarial – The Peer Hat

12th May – Hex Morbidity – The Peer Hat

17th May – Scuorn – The Star and Garter

16th June  – Hostile – Aatma

17th June – Zornhym – Aatma


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