10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Go The Rodeo


Go The Rodeo are an alternative electro rock band from the western outskirts of Johannesburg. Here’s Corné and Rob’s collective 10 Tracks That Changed My Life..


 If You Were There, Beware – Arctic Monkeys

After being introduced to Arctic Monkeys by Rob in high school, their music only really stuck once I heard this song. I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of things, so the ominous sound and Alex Turner’s unique approach to lyrics just drew me in completely. Me and Rob must’ve jammed this song a thousand times.

Angs aanval – Fokofpolisiekar

Fokofpolisiekar will always have a special place in my heart. They revolutionized Afrikaans music, and I’m grateful to have been around when that happened. Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of all the nights spent in moshpits as a kid.

I Never Came – Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the stone age showed me that you don’t always have to have the same approach to songwriting. Their range and diversity had a big influence on me, and this song helped me through some shitty moments.

Wanderlust – Every time I die

Keith Buckley is definitely my favourite lyricist. His depth and wit sometimes gets missed because of their genre, and while most of my friends aren’t a fan of their heavy and almost unstructured musical style, I’m in awe of Keith’s descriptive and incredibly honest way of writing.

Let It Happen – Tame Impala

Probably the newest track on this list, but to leave it out would be a sin. Kevin Parker introduced me to the world of psychedelic music, and a completely different way of thinking about music. This made me experiment more with different sounds and synths and our single “Vultures”is a bit of testimony to that.


When the sun goes down – Arctic Monkeys

 Arctic Monkeys was one of the main reasons why I started playing bass in the first place. Their catchy riffs got me hooked from the start and “When the sun goes down” was the one that introduced me to the bass guitar.

Quite Overstared – Ashtray Electric

 When Corne and I were 18 we were obsessed with the local South African band Ashtray Electric. They were a part of the initial indie movement in Johannesburg and Capetown, and after watching their short documentary, I remember thinking that I wanted to be in a band.

Tape Jean Girl – Kings Of Leon

 Whenever I hear this song it immediately puts me in a good mood. It’s one of those songs that I can never get tired of – the bouncy bass line, even though it’s super simple, is one of my favourites.

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea has been a massive influence for me on bass. If I can be half as great as him one day, I’d be happy.

Faint – Linkin Park

Linkin Park was that band that helped me survive my teenage years, they’ll always be one of the favourite.


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