Stream Dylan Carlson’s Hypnotic Solo Album ‘Conquistador’


Legendary guitarist Dylan Carlson will release his first proper LP under his full name (his previous solo work was under the moniker drcarlsonalbion) this coming Friday via Sargent House.  Long heralded as a master of minimalism, Carlson’s songwriting demonstrates his ability to craft compelling symphonic compositions while exercising extreme musical frugality; listen to the meditative, hypnotic five-song album in its entirety via The Quietus.

Dylan Carlson has become one of alternative music’s most ambitious pathfinders; it seems beyond appropriate, then, that Carlson’s new solo endeavor is titled Conquistador. This five-song LP channels the indulgent drone of Earth while traversing uncharted sonic terrain.  Recorded at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou, Conquistador’s early material had been gestating for quite some time.  Carlson viewed the recording session as an opportunity for both catharsis and collaboration, thanks to contributions from the esteemed Emma Ruth Rundle (baritone and slide guitar) and his wife Holly Carlson (percussion, photography, cover model).


Conquistador Track Listing: 
1. Conquistador
3. And then the Crows Descended
5. Reaching the Gulf

In support of Conquistador, Dylan Carlson will canvas the United States on a month-long tour in July and August.  The ambitious tour routing will take Carlson from coast to coast, appearing on select shows with Kurt Vile and The Violators, Sleep, and Marry Lattimore on select shows.  All tour dates are listed below.
Conquistador is available for preorder now – physical copies available here and digital copies here.


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