Interview with Alex Hurst of Boss Keloid


With the release of Boss Keloid’s highly anticipated new album ‘Melted On The Inch’ due out this Friday (27th April) via Holy Roar Records ,we sat down with Alex from the band and asked his a few questions and here’s what he had to say…

Describe Boss Keloid in three words? 

Sexual beautiful noise

Since we last spoke you guys have got some new members and signed to Holy Roar Records… How did these come about? 

The album was taking new paths for us as a band with different styles and elements coming into the mix so we added Matt our keys player and we have a new bass player called chid and I now play 2nd guitar adding some little flavouring to Swarb’s guitar parts and everything is fitting perfectly. We were very happy when Holy Roar offered to work with us after hearing the album as they really are a label run by complete music lovers and that’s exactly how Boss Keloid is run.

New album ‘Melted on the inch’ is due out in on Friday whats your favourite track from the album? 

I know this sounds cliche but I really love every track on the new album and don’t really have one particular favourite. There are only 6 tracks & each one means a lot to me. We really put a lot into these songs and I can’t wait for people to hear the whole thing.

Tell us what we can expect from the new album? 

A journey. A trip through darkness, light, horror and beauty. It’s heavier yet more lighter & it’s definitely more trippier. Melted On The Inch holds a lot more than anything we have done before and it’s waiting to be poured into your ears and digested into your hearts & minds.

What other bands from Holy Roar have currently got your attention? 

Conjurer are releasing a new album on Holy Roar soon and I can’t wait for that. One of my favourite crazy bands “Down I Go” have worked with Holy Roar and everything they do is amazing! Employed to serve are bringing the Beef big time too.

What are you plans for 2018? 

We have already started Writing the next album so that’s a big priority and we just agreed to play “Into The Void” festival in the Netherlands along side John Garcia / Elder / Conan / Acid king and many more in October. A few UK runs and lots of other tasty gigs so watch this space.

What would you improve in your local music scene if you had the powers? 

I think it’s doing pretty well if I’m being honest. If anything I’d stop venues getting knocked down to create flats,oh and legalisation of marijuana in live venues.

How did you kill time whilst recording the new album? 

Didn’t really have any time to Kill as we were full on getting stuck in. It was an intense and beautiful time creating this album and if I could do this every day of my life I would. The glass of wine at the end of each day was a milestone to reach but even that was over conversation about what we were doing the next day of new ideas we had flowing.

What influences can we expect to hear in the new album? 

There’s loads of influences that have creeped into this new album. I’m playing second guitar too now so that’s added some new flavours and I even managed to sneek some reggae in there. We didn’t hold back on anything and if something sounded good and added to the song then we used it. It’s like a brain worm the album it slowly grows on your brain and once it’s attached it’s impossible to get rid of it.

Buy on Holy Roar – UK/EU



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