10 Tracks That Changed My Life By VNDTA

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VNDTA are an Alternative-Metal band from Hertfordshire UK. With progressive and hardcore influences thrown into the mix they bring a fresh and modern sound to the heavy music scene. Their debut EP PALE GLOW’ will be available is available now on all major music stores and streaming sites.

Here are the bands ’10 Tracks That Change My Life’ 

1.Bring Me The horizon – Chelsea Smile

Any time I mention the fact that i used to be mad about Bring Me The horizon, i can’t help but feel a twinge of embarrassment. The stigma around this band and the Oli Sykes cult like obsessing is so cringe worthy, but i have to admit, this was the first ‘current’ metal band at the time that i had listened too. Although i had been brought up on bands like Slayer, Pantera and Wasp, (and i loved them), they were always my ‘mums bands’ and i couldn’t really connect with them deeply. Chelsea Smile was a song that triggered my emo and metal obsessed teenage years and completely changed the music i had been listening too and just my personality in general. BMTH were definitely my gateway band haha.

2. Slayer – Threshold

Like I previously mentioned my mum brought me up on all things thrash and old school metal. We used to have a beat up Rover saloon car with a cassette player and on the way to school we would blast out slayer. I obviously enjoyed it, because one day at primary school my mum was called in for an emergency meeting with my head teacher. Apparently I had been repeating phrases that sounded like ‘devil worship’. Turns out 4 year old Meg was just badass singing slayer in class haha. Needless to say i got suspended from my Catholic school until id stopped reciting it!

3.System Of A Down – Chop Suey

This song really needs no introduction. It’s every emotion you could ever possibly feel in one song. Every time I feel like I’m overwhelmed with heaviness and I want some melodic yet still heavy inspiration, this is my go to song. Toxicity is still one of my favourite albums of all time and Serg’s vocal melodies have been a huge inspiration in my writing. Especially for the track Swine. I wanted to have that Eastern vibe in the vocals and this song and band always helped me to connect with that sound.

4.Periphery- The Walk

Periphery were the first techy/djenty band that I had ever heard and it challenged me. I remember hearing this song and having to replay it over and over because I musically couldn’t understand it. But as I got older and my musical theory and knowledge grew, I began to appreciate the extreme talent and beauty in the complexity of Periphery’s music. It made me want to challenge myself and push VNDTA’s music far more. Periphery are one of my all time favourite bands and Spencer’s vocals are awesome.

5.Parkway Drive – Carrion

When I was 15 years old I was fortunate enough to do work experience for the lovely Em Van Duyts of Public City PR. She took me to assist her on a Parkway Drive show in London. Before the show we went out for an Indian with the band and we were just chatting about life. Well, I was quietly sat listening as I was incredibly shy. Winston however could obviously see I was really nervous and started chatting to me about my band and life. When he found out I also did vocals and screamed he was so excited and kind. I told him I was really scared about screaming in front of other people and he said he thought it was insanely cool and that I should never give up just because I was scared of what people would think. Carrion then became my favourite song to practise my vocals too. Thank you Winston!

6.No Doubt – Just a Girl

My heroes growing up were all male metal vocalists. I wanted to be like and sound like them. It wasn’t that I didn’t like girl vocalist, that would be strange, it was just that I could never find one that I loved enough to inspire me. Until I discovered No Doubt. Gwen Stefani was the first female vocalist that actually reinforced my belief in myself as a woman in the music industry. She’s badass and beautiful. She’s one of the guys but also feminine and just has a ‘no fucks given’ attitude. I’d kill to be half as cool as Gwen!

7.Pvris – My House

I remember first hearing this track on the BBC Radio1 rock show really late one night. In general I’m not massively into ‘lighter’ rock music, but this song caught my ear. I made all my friends listen to it and was telling everyone that this band were gonna be huge. Low and behold they now are! But straight away I went and got the album and it’s really changed my perception of songwriting. This track opened my eyes to how you can put synths, piano, strings and more into your music and it can take it to a completely different level, without sounding like you’re overcompensating. It can also make a heavy song sound even heavier. Lynn’s lyrics also really stood out to me because I found that our content and style was really similar. I think a lot of people would be pissed off by that, but to me it just made me feel less alone.

8.King810 – Wolves Run Together

2016 was undeniably one of the worst years of my life. I experienced so much pain and betrayal from so many people that I really felt like giving up on music and life completely. Music became quite cathartic because although it helped me, it was causing me so much pain at the same time. I needed to find an outlet that wasn’t damaging and it was when I discovered King810 that I finally started healing. Wolves run together is a song that is about people in the world who have suffered uniting together. Instead of letting circumstances destroy you, you need to use the pain and hatred to fuel you into bettering yourself and proving all the bastards wrong.

9.Thy Art Is Murder – Slaves Beyond Death

I started searching for heavier and heavier music more recently as I wanted to improve on my vocals and needed some inspiration. I’d heard a couple of TAIM songs in the past but I hadn’t really been paying attention. When Slaves Beyond Death came out it touched that old school thrash nerve in my brain. Slayer vibes everywhere in that first riff. It grabbed my attention and I played it on repeat for months. CJ’s vocals are infectious and so beastly. I wanted to sound like him. Dear Desolation is an album that is so brutally heavy yet remains catchy I genuinely think it’s a masterpiece.

10.Hans Zimmer – First Step (Interstellar Soundtrack)

One of my favourite films of all time is Interstellar. When I heard the soundtrack for it my body just completely chilled and I had goosebumps all over! My Grandpa is a huge classical music fan and always played me Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven (to name a few) when I was little.

He constantly reminds me the importance of classical instruments and how they have such an incredible ability to truly portray the feeling and emotion of a song. With First Step it is such a gradual build up that you barely notice by the end of the song that suddenly you’re overthrown with emotion and passion and several minutes have passed. Simplicity isn’t always stupidity and listening to this song often grounds me when it comes to writing.


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