10 Tracks That Changed My Life By Lisa Coverdale, Hold Tight PR

Lisa lives in a forest in Scotland and likes to complain about the weather. She’s a partner at Hold Tight PR and has 20 years+ PR and Marketing experience, 15 within the music industry and can usually be found face down in a pot of fresh coffee, writing press releases for a myriad of international bands, or trying to coerce musicians into things they generally don’t want to do. She also likes to harass journalists with pictures of cats. She’s passionate about progressive music and filthy as shit metal, cheese, Between the Buried and Me, and forests. She has 2 kids under the age of 4 and doesn’t feel like she’s getting out of this parenting thing alive.



Buckle up and be ready for Lisa’s 10 Tracks That Changed My Life (Actually 12)  feature our readers are in for a treat…

Guns n Roses – Sweet Child Of Mine

This, undoubtedly, is the track that shaped my whole future musical taste. Released in the summer of 1988, I was 10. I remember sitting in the sun in the garden listening to the Radio 1 Chart Show Countdown for all of the latest singles and this came on and my head immediately turned. I was hooked. GUITARS! VOCALS….WOW WHAT IS THAT!! I want to be that. Guns n Roses continue to be one of my all time favourite bands and now I sing this with my kids and pass on the legacy to them. Although my 2 year old much prefers Annihilator.

Metallica – Enter Sandman

If Guns n Roses was my gateway drug to the world of rock then Metallica smashed the doors in to pave the way for my enduring love of METAL.  No matter the shite that they’ve put out recently, they will ALWAYS be an amazing metal band because the legacy they have is unreal. I spent my teens hanging with my friends, listening to Metallica. We ALL loved them. This was even the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding. That’s how much I love Metallica. Always have, always will.

Bjork – Big Time Sensuality

I loved the Sugarcubes and when Bjork broke out to go solo it was huge. Her album ‘Debut’ was EVERYWHERE when I was in my early teens. She sounded amazing, she looked amazing, she was amazing. I wanted to be her – I had the hair, the bindis, the  make up….as did nearly every other teenage girl that year. She’s been consistently brilliant throughout her career as a songwriter and I’d rate her up there as one of the most unique, interesting, eclectic female artists of all time. She made it ok to be yourself, to be soft AND fierce, to not do what everyone else was doing. I love her and she recently did a documentary ‘When Bjork met Attenborough’ which should be essential viewing for everyone interested in music and nature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWgGE4_IHKU

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name 

Heard these guys way back in the 90’s on a TV show which had Sonic Youth, Madder Rose and a whole raft of alternative bands of the day on it and I remember thinking, what the hell is this, I’ve never heard anything like this, I love this. It was the first CD I ever bought and they were a band that whenever a song came on in a club, it filled the dance floor. I still rate every single one of their albums and I love listening to each and every one. RATM are up there amongst my all time favourite bands. No one makes you bounce like RATM, no one.

Jellyfish – That Is Why  

A band that I discovered via a now ex boyfriend who was heavily into them and who I listen to still. There’s just a happy, summer, powerpop vibe, an honesty to them. Great music, great vocal harmonies and probably a band who should have been bigger but were just ahead of the curve and didn’t quite explode how they should have exploded. Listening to Jellyfish is like a warm hug.

Tool – Sober 

I walked into a club in my hometown and there was a band playing, I think at the time they were the biggest local band on our scene. I didn’t know much about them. From the bar I could hear this guy growling his way through Tool’s Sober and playing the guitar. He was hot, he was good, I was absolutely head over heels. I turned to my friend and said ‘I’m going to marry that guy.” And a year later I did. Sixteen years later and we’re still married and whenever I hear this song I think of him and the first time I ever laid eyes on him.

Sikth – Scent of the Obscene 

My friend  Darryl brought over a CD many moons ago – Sikth, The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild and said, you need to hear this band. They’re insane. I listened and remember thinking that at the time I’d never heard ANYTHING like it. The intensity, the technicality, the sheer mind bending song structure…it was just all…WAAAAH. It flicked a switch in my head which ended up shaping my career. I loved metal already but this was another league, I fell in love with tech metal and that was me. So essentially, discovering Sikth led me to eventually discover a whole host of other bands who were in the genre and then the genre to come, Djent, which wasn’t yet ‘a thing’. That whole scene led me to start working with Basick Records, which led me to work with Hold Tight PR and now I part own the company along with James Monteith of Tesseract and Barley from Basick Records and its all thanks to Sikth. Cheers guys.

Between the Buried And Me – White Walls

The same friend who introduced me to Sikth also introduced me to Between the Buried and Me and they’re now my favourite band of all time. He said, put this on and wait for it. ‘Wait for what?!’ – THE POLKA…wait what…a metal band that polkas? And has country sections…and jazz bits….and…you name it, at some point in their career BTBAM will have put it in a song. I adore their talented asses. They’re ridiculously good at what they do and I can’t think a band around just now who are as good musically, artistically or otherwise. I could talk about them all day. I usually do talk about them all day, much to the annoyance of everyone else. If you haven’t heard this band…HEAR THIS BAND. Amazing band are amazing. Did I mention I like this band?  This isn’t my favourite song by them but it is a track by them that I heard first and wanted to hear more of. I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND.

Pink Floyd – One of These Days 

My husband introduced me to Pink Floyd and my life hasn’t been quite the same since. Late night hang outs, early morning breakfast chats, all accompanied by the Floyd. David Gilmour is a god to me. I’m a girl who’s married to a guitarist, who has come to appreciate guitarists in all shapes, forms and genres and out of all of them, he’s up there on top for me. Just….epic.  They need no introduction. They’ve been there for me at many special moments of my life.

Boss Keloid – Lung Mountain 

This was the track by prog sludge psych monsters Boss Keloid that made me fall in love with them. I can’t think of a band I’ve worked with that I’ve been so passionate about. I own the albums, I wear the merch, I am fully involved in the Boss Keloid machine. They are masters at creating their own sound, forging their own path and just body swerving trends and that’s what I love about them. That and they’re as mad as a box of frogs, heavy as shit when they need to be, great guys and they get it. Whatever ‘it’ is…they get it.

MØL – Bruma 

I heard a clip of MØL on instagram and I immediately put out the word that I wanted to work with them. I practically begged the label to let me do their PR, it was a NEED not a want. When I listened to the album for the first time all the way through I cried, a lot. Granted I’d had a few glasses of wine but the music is so incredibly beautiful and the black metal vocals just make it more haunting. There’s an etherealness and a wretchedness that you can’t quite describe but it’s life altering, at least it was to me. This is one of those albums, one of those bands that I’ll remember where I was when I first heard them.

Rotting Christ – In Yumen / Xibalba 

I’m a latecomer to the Rotting Christ party. This was the first track by them I’d heard and now I pretty much have to listen to at least 3hrs of Rotting Christ a day or I start to feel like I’m suffocating inside. I adore them. They’ve turned my world completely upside down and inside out and they look like solid slabs of satanic fury. Those guys are massive. It’s how you want your metal to sound and how you want your metallers to look. GIANT. Even my kids love them.

A massive THANK YOU to Lisa and the Hold Tight PR team for the continued Atom Smasher Love x 

You can also follow Lisa’s Playlist on Spotify and check out some more great tracks. Some absolute bangers on this. 


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