Cinematic Prog Band HARNESSING THE UNIVERSE Unveil “Beyond The Bright” Video


The Cambridge English Dictionary describes the universe as ‘the whole system of created things.’ Well… Saskatchewan’s HARNESSING THE UNIVERSE are a band more than capable of living up to the infinite possibilities of their name, harnessing the power of the universe to create music of great spirit and originality. As the great Stephen Hawking memorably said, “Always look up at the stars not down at your feet!”

Inspired by Black Mountain, Stoned Jesus and Brant Bjork, the band’s sound is best described as “powerful, interesting, serious, spacious and epic! Meditation Music For Metalheads!”

With plans for their follow up album “In The After” in 2018 to their 2015 self-titled debut, HARNESSING THE UNIVERSE are sharing with fans one more music video to close that chapter before they begin the next.

“We are trying to bring the listener on a ride with us…Longer song lengths allow for peaks and valleys in the soundscape and the change in feel from upbeat to chill and back again in the course of the same track…We want to take the listener on a musical journey of epic highs and lows. It’s not party music! It’s something you put on when you’re thinking about life and you need a soundtrack to back up your thoughts.” says drummer Travis Weibel.


HARNESSING THE UNIVERSE’s debut album is available on iTunes, Amazon and the HTU Online Store.


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