Sun Arcana Digitally Release Acoustic Sessions


Essex band Sun Arcana showcase their softer side today, releasing Acoustic Sessions – a three-track digital EP featuring stripped back versions of singles from their debut EP As I Take A Breath… out now on Easy Life Records (Arcane Roots, Lower Than Atlantis, Waterparks). The EP was recorded live at London’s Soup Studios.

To mark the occasion, the band have released a stripped back video for ‘Oxygen‘.

I think for any band to record an acoustic session comes a slight feeling of insecurity because you’re vulnerable” explains drummer Ryan Daniels, “We wanted to challenge ourselves. We wanted to show people that we can not only write, but we can also play – and I think that as a band, those are two strong elements that you need to, and should want to, showcase to people

Ryan continues “Unlike our studIo EP, ‘As I Take A Breath’, we were all tracking live in the same room for this record – which any musician knows adds a whole new level of pressure to your performance. We all had to be on top of our game for this one and I really think we pulled it off. Oh, and not to mention the fact that our takes were being filmed as well… all shot in one take, with no cuts or edits


Stream ‘Acoustic Sessions’


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