Manchester Punk Festival 2018: Thursday

The opening day of Manchester Punk Festival was a strong one and certainly left me wanting more.

Fair Do's MPF 18

I started my evening watching Fair Do’s, a band I’ve not seen before but they were great. The venue was heaving and everyone there was ready to party. Fair Do’s certainly had the place jumping, they were speedy and tight, and sounded fantastic. I’ve not been to a gig in The Bread Shed before but its changed an awful lot since I was last in there.

Roughneck Riot MPF 18

Following Fair Do‘s, Warrington folk-punks The Roughneck Riot took the stage, and smashed the place to bits. I think I’ve seen them twice before, but it was probably upwards of six or seven years ago so my memory was hazy. I’m cursing myself for not seeing them sooner. The Roughneck Riot certainly live up to their name, their set made my jaw drop. The security guard in this picture had no clue what was going on when the above picture was taken!

Random Hand MPF 18.jpg

Finishing off the gig were Random Hand, and I had such a laugh during their performance. You can’t help but dance when watching them and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The crowd surfing, while sporadic during the other two bands, really took off during Random Hand. 

It’s here where things get a bit fuzzy for me. I’d not eaten any tea and as such, alcohol took its inevitable hold. When I awoke this morning I had dirt on my arms and I’ve done something to my hip. Any clues as to why would be greatly appreciated.

MPF 18



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