South African Hardcore Veterans Truth & Its Burden Embark on National Tour


Johannesburg hardcore veterans TRUTH & ITS BURDEN kick off their 2018 touring schedule with the IRON & FIRE TOUR.

The tour spans across all major South African cities in support of their recent 2017 I Labour full length release.

The IRON & FIRE TOUR also features support throughout the country from the likes of; Facing The Gallows, Red Helen, Bottom Feeder, Write-Off, Life Below, With Dawn, 13th Empire, A Fate Like Yours, Blood Ret and Thorns Of Ivory.

We’re always so excited to be out on the road again, and there’s a real sense of freedom and brotherhood that comes together on the long trips.

We have a new bassist Sean, and the TAIB camp is really in high spirits about our live shows and of course the new album. There’s still so much ground to cover on promoting “I Labour” and these tours are what it’s all about – getting it out there and getting people stoked.” – Ashley De Beer, vocals.unnamed

It’s a safe bet to describe the collective minds of Truth & Its Burden as brim-full of heart, hope, optimism and a fresh positive take on daily crisis. Constantly thinking of new ways to cement a positive attitude in the hearts of any person attending their shows or listening to their songs. They’re not just hopefuls waiting for the world around them to evolve into their childhood dreams; They’re inspired, free thinking individuals who have enough self-belief to power up these dreams with hard work and heartfelt dedication.


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