Review : Hundred Year Old man – Breaching

Hundred Year Old Man


Gizeh Records


Rising for Leeds fertile underground, Hundred Year Old Man specialise in dense, claustrophobic riffing laced with delicate ambience. 

Tellingly Cult Of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg, mastered this heaving mass of cathartic riffage, and whilst there is more than a hint of the dynamics employed by the Swedish masters, Hundred Year Old Man’s use of dystopian samples and post rock textures add enough of their own flavour to deliver a chilling assault on the senses.   

The corrosive vocals on ‘Disconnect’ are up front and forceful but the clean guitar passages that permeate the slabs of visceral heaviness add a longing sadness which is key to the success of ‘Breaching’

Droning synths and ambient textures add further nuances to the vicious oppressive hardcore influenced blasts of abrasive noise before the delicate mellotron synths lure you in to the next claustrophobic blast of inward hostility and compelling introspection.

Channelling existential dread Hundred Year Old Man have built on the solid foundation of their promising debut ep to deliver a fearsome, reverential post metal tour de force. Muscular guitars shift like tectonic plates, grinding with just enough melody to make ‘Breaching’ such a compelling journey.

Finale ‘Ascension’ shifts to a more uplifting mood before building to a tower of righteous anger with vocalist Paul Broughton howling “we built our future of the backs of broken dreams” It is the voice of hope looking to tear down a brutal oppressive system.

A compelling and dynamic debut which shows much promise, ‘Breaching’ could lay the foundation for an exciting career.


Ross Baker






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